Because of its size and the density of surface vegetation in certain areas, trips to Lake Iamonia require the use of an airboat. Additionally, the exotic water spangles (Salvinia minima), was also found in the lake. Northwest Florida Water Management District 81 Water Management Drive Havana, FL 32333-4712 (850) 539-5999 (800) 913-1518 (toll-free) (850) 539-2777;; Stay Updated. Lake Iamonia. It is a larger lake than Iamonia, but it is an artificial lake created by a hydroelectric dam on the Ochlockonee River) Nutrients: The lake averages in the low 50s on the TSI index, below its threshold of 60 . There is a very large lake a few miles away from us, called Lake Iamonia. "Paul Hueber posted a … Last Sunday, according to Wolfgang, 11 alligators were sunbathing on the bank, which is part of their property. On Lake Jackson, the same prohibition of firearms other than shotguns also will apply on the lake and lake bottom north and east of U.S. … 30 Day Charts 7 Day Charts 1 Day Charts. Lake Iamonia Level. Fish Safety: Two a week for all species except largemouth bass . Contact Us Headquarters. Click here for more information on the Lake Iamonia LVI. Tags: 2020 alligator season alligator tags alligators Florida Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission Florida Harvest Florida state reptile FWC Katey McClenny Lake Iamonia North Florida November October population control Sunshine State The 5,757-acre lake exchanges water with the Ochlockonee River ... alligators) to seek refuge. He appears to be about three feet long, which would probably mean he is about three years old now. These dates represent the general gun hunting season in the Central Hunting Zone, which includes Lake Iamonia. A work site is selected near an approved upland disposal area. Alligator weed (Alternan-thera philoxeroides), was the lone Category II Invasive Exotic found in the lake. We wonder if he originally lived there, and one day started walking, got lost and found our pond. Alligator weed (Alternanthera philoxe-roides), and Chinese wisteria (Wisteria sinensis) were two Category II Invasive Exotics found in the lake. That would have been quite a hike for this little fellow. At the end of Bull Headley Road sits a boat ramp to Lake Iamonia, a prairie lake in northern Leon County – and a common location for nuisance alligator calls. concern in Lake Iamonia. Additionally, the exotic water spangles (Salvinia minima), and burhead sedge (Oxycaryum cubense) were also found in the littoral zone and floating tussocks of the lake. Alligator Lake Forums » Florida Lakes » Alligator Lake Login ... Guana Lake, FL (1) Lake Iamonia, FL (1) Newnans Lake, FL (1) Lake Beauclair, FL (1) Lake Eloise, FL (1) Lake Griffin, FL (1) Lake Mirror, FL (1) Lake Deeson, FL (1) Lake Iamonia, near Tallahassee in the northeast corner of Leon County, is regionally famous for quality sunfish fishing and waterfowl hunting. July 18 (UPI) --A Florida man captured video of dozens of alligators swimming in a lake and warned visitors to "swim at your own risk. Lake Talquin (6,963. By selecting the muck removal area to be