What are the down sides to becoming a cruise ship dancer? Many cruise lines use 'Salary At Sea' cards which are basically debit cards that the cruise lines will directly deposit your salary to. A large number of the crew were Asian, therefore the Crew Mess catered quite extensively for them. Each ensemble member is featured. What shows did you perform? I feel as if I got paid to go explore all of these beautiful places. Work hard and make friends. You know what they say ‘The show must go on’ and it DID! There was a cut and then they kept some of us for strength tests and also for face character cuts.”, “I actually really enjoy life at sea. There’s nothing better than a home cooked meal! 0 0. Copyright © 2008–2021, Glassdoor, Inc. "Glassdoor" and logo are registered trademarks of Glassdoor, Inc. How much do P&O Cruises employees make? 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The energy you get from being onstage with the band is thrilling. “Getting to meet and live life with people from all over the world. How much do cruise ship entertainers make? The cast and I counted the amount of ‘ponies’ we did in The Brits are there were over 250! What’s life like at sea? “I think ship life is kind of like tap dancing, you either love it or you just do it because you have to. Visiting all the beautiful ports and having days off to lay out and get a tan are amazing. Dancers and Dance Instructors. It’s a cute and fun show. By Mary Callahan of Dance Informa. When travelling on cruise ships, guests can take advantage of several activities and performances. No exceptions. I was fortunate that they called me in a few months later to audition for a contract they needed to immediately fill. First there was your regular audition with two short combinations. The following day we had to do personality interviews for the Holland America team. Tell us about yourself. Your email address will not be published. Often, I would volunteer to be a shore excursion escort if I had the day off. 8. My biggest battle was the food. Let’s just say a lot of the Americans enjoyed a good old ‘Peanut Butter and Jelly’ for their dinners.”, “It will be an amazing experience that you’ll never forget if you are open to it. Dancers perform on stage and help cruise staff in entertaining passengers off the stage as well. Latin Nights is one show you will never get comfortable with. What advice would you give to dancers on their first cruise contract? “The people I met and the places I got to see, some of which I would never have seen if it had not been for the contracts.”, “Feeling like I was in a bubble sometimes and not having good access to the Internet to connect when family and friends back home.”, “Go in thinking the room is going to be EXTRA, EXTRA small and that the food won’t be good, that way it’ll be a pleasant surprise when you realize it isn’t that bad! 7 Job Hunting Tips For When Businesses Aren’t Hiring, How to Write a Great Job Application Email, 4 Great Personal Statement Examples for Your CV, 6 Great Jobs You Can Get With the Help of Retraining Courses. Go on excursions! Two days later, I had the job! Nothing lasts forever and before you know it you will be back in the city auditioning and scheduling all of your side jobs. “For Royal Caribbean ships, they need musical theater performers who also have the strength for aerial work and athletic movement for the production shows. “Chicago is one of the most artistically fulfilling shows I’ve ever done. Keep in mind that whatever job you would like to do on a cruise ship, it is always for the benefit of the passengers who are there on the ship to enjoy the holiday of a lifetime. You had to be pretty versatile as well—everything from ‘Circle of Life’ to ‘Hip Hop’ in the nightclub. I believe you become a better performer and person when you open your worldview and embrace other cultures. The process is a lot longer and more taxing than most normal musical theater auditions because there are so many different elements for the two shows. “We were an inaugural cast, creating seven brand new shows for Holland America—due to time constraints, however, we only ended up performing five on board while the next cast worked out the kinks for the final two shows. Photo courtesy of Spangler. Your job is to make sure the passengers leave with happy memories. To wake up in a different ‘Port of Call’ everyday certainly beats the constant sirens and smoke of NYC.”, “The food! Responsible for cleaning and organization of the cafeteria staffs. Photo courtesy of Erica Misenti. It can be overwhelming, but try to find the fun in it and know that once you learn all of the rules and get into a routine it will be a lot easier. Stephanie Brooks. Dance Informa interviewed dancers from five different cruise ships to find out if life on the high seas is really as magical as it seems. Be ready to have wig changes and smile! While you have a great built-in group of friends with your cast mates, you can get homesick for friends and family very easily—especially when Internet is hard to come by. In the evenings, dancers make up a significant portion of cruise ship entertainment. I was asked to dance five times total including in groups of girls that were short verse tall and learning contrasting combinations. Thanks for your help! They each had their own story line that involved scenes and songs from your favorite Disney classics. Photo courtesy of Brooks. Picture this: You get paid to live on a four-star cruise ship, dance in Broadway-caliber shows, and travel around the world. We were fortunate enough to have two Broadway veterans as our choreographers who were long-time company members of Fosse. It’s easy to fall into bad habits, but you need to make sure you stay on top of yourself and keep up the habits that got you to where you are. As the Strictly Come Dancing contestants are announced, our cruise expert Jane Archer suggests the best dancing cruises for 2015 Well, this dream could quite definitely become a reality. Set financial, personal, relational, and professional goals monthly, weekly, and daily. I learned new skills like ice-skating, scuba diving, Salsa dancing, and running. Comedians, for example, can receive a monthly salary of up to $2,800 a month. A free inside look at P&O Cruises salary trends based on 31 salaries wages for 25 jobs at P&O Cruises. The production show on the Allure, Blue Planet, is a combination of pop music, with aerial, jazz, and modern movement. Now let’s talk turkey. Possibilities for promotion to Production Dance Captain position. Its one of the auditions I danced the most at.”, “Life at sea can be very hard. Then, depending on which cruise line you work for and which ship you're on, you can be performing a variety of different shows each week, which helps to break up the monotony (compared to a contract with a Broadway show, for example). Disk jockeys keep guests dancing at the various clubs and parties across the ship. Cruise ship life is hard on a dancer when it comes to food and nutrition – mainly because cruise lines make buffets and multi-course meals a selling point (and they should – the food is fantastic). Listen to as much live music around the ship and ask to sing with the band. A deckhand in a cruise ship can earn a sum of $90 per week (approx. The alcoholic drinks are dirt cheap and food is free and always available. Then I sang at the end of the day. Photo courtesy of Spangler. We were fortunate enough to have two Broadway veterans as our choreographers who were long-time company members of. “We performed 3 Main Stage shows each cruise: Villains Tonight, Golden Mickeys and Believe. We started with a basic technique across-the-floor combination, learned part of Blue Planet, “All that Jazz” from Chicago, and then sang 16 bars of music and did one of the “Cell Block Tango” monologues. Dancers and Dance Instructors When traveling on cruise ships, guests can take advantage of several activities and performances. I enjoyed learning new skills in aerial training, and doing athletic choreography. But that doesn’t... What makes you unique? I’ll never forget sailing through Hurricane Sandy! What made you want to work in the cruise industry? You'll have fun. :)”. Beau Middlebrook. For example: New Orleans, Belize, Grand Cayman, Tortola, Dominica, Dominican Republic, San Juan, Key West, Miami, Nassau, St. Thomas, San Martian, Cozumel, Honduras, Grand Turk, Freeport, etc!”, “My favorite part was not paying rent, paying off my college loans, meeting my boyfriend, performing for good pay, visiting amazing ports, constantly being tan and in shape, meeting amazing people and growing as an individual.”, “Missing holidays, getting stuck in ship-life drama, having to be back-on-board at a certain time, always having to wear a name tag even on my days off, watching my friends and boyfriend leave because we all had different contracts.”, “Don’t feel bad about spending money on yourself to keep you sane. The cruise ships are subjected to a lot of cleaning as there are lots of people on board. The first time I auditioned I had to leave for a teaching job at 4pm (the audition usually starts at 10am) and didn’t get to finish the audition. Activities range from trivia games and contests to themed parties and dance lessons. Shows are dance-heavy, which means you don’t have much time offstage, and often you’ll have two shows on a performance night, with an hour’s break in between. Live in the moment. This work doesn’t involve too much of heavy cargo handling unlike cargo ships; therefore this pay is a good deal for a person who … It was really delicious food, but eating healthy while on the ship can become a struggle. Music Cruises 2020-2021 schedule - departure ports, dates, itineraries, prices, "music and dance" themed cruises, Mardi Gras carnival "booze cruise" offers, companies and ships in USA, Caribbean, Australia, Europe, river cruises We rehearsed in New York for two months and performed on the ship for six months after that.”. Don’t fight the current, just let it take you where you need to go. Lv 7. Since cruise ship employees are not eligible for State unemployment or disability insurance, no such withholding or contributions will be made. At the end of your contract you will look back on those memories and be grateful for those experiences.”, “I performed on the Disney Magic and also the Disney Wonder and am now currently working for Royal Caribbean about to go on the new and biggest cruise ship ‘Quantum of the Seas.’”, “My contracts were anywhere between 5 weeks (for a replacement) to 11 months and 23 days.”, “Twice Charmed, Golden Mickey’s, Villains Tonight, Toy Story, ‘Welcome Aboard’ and ‘Farewell’ variety shows, as well as deck parties and theme nights in the clubs.”, “I guess you could describe it as ‘Disney-fied.’  Everything was fun and upbeat and smiley. If direct deposit is unavailable, you can elect to send a wire transfer or exchange the cash for a money order. Interested in knowing how much the biggest cruise ships and cruise lines in the world make each day? It will open your worldview and keep you grounded and grateful for your job as a performer. There’s lots of free time, which is amazing, but it’s also easy to waste it. But get ready to work your butt off in the gym to look good in your final costume girls and boys- everyone hated them unfortunately. There’s a lot we can learn from each other, and I don’t think there’s any other job where in one day you can interact with people from over 70 countries.”, “‘Install’ was my least favorite part of the contract. For instance, I was the tumbler and they had me tumbling in every show, numerous times. Don’t spend all your port days using Internet; budget it into your expenses or limit your time and go on adventures. At the same time, the cast was fortunate enough to have access to the passenger gym. What cruise were you on? They make anywhere between $1,800 and $2,200. Sometimes with the highest grande jete’s you’ve ever seen and other times with the most pitiful pirouettes possible.”, “The audition was essentially your typical Musical Theatre audition. It’s important to set goals and keep yourself motivated. Dance Informa interviewed dancers from five different cruise ships to find out if life on the high seas is really as magical as […] If you get a contract that doesn't require dancers to perform extra duties, you may have a decent amount of time off in which to sight-see. Joyah Spangler. Divas was awesome with by far the best costumes and dances. I personally had fun with the sword fights, free fall stunt work, pyro-technics and really just dressing up as a pirate and being a kid again. How do I get to and from the ship I am assigned to? Photo courtesy of Croker. It went to Nassau, Bahamas and Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay.”. Production Dancer Salary Range: $2,400 to $3,200 US per month depending on the cruise line and time served with the company. “Allure of Seas: Royal Caribbean. Joyah Spangler visiting the rock of Gibraltar on an excursion from the Holland America Line. 29 P&O Cruises employees have shared their salaries on Glassdoor. You rehearse for two months in Toronto, Canada and work with great choreographers who really find what you specifically bring to the table and they use it! 7-Brilliant Benefits. 3. These men and women perform on stage, and first-time dancers can … Use your gifts to serve others and learn from others. The costume changes are hard and you can’t be a 1/2 second late. I truly enjoyed the movement and never got sick of performing this show.”. I loved to run around the track as the sun set over the ocean or rent bikes and explore the islands. My questions : 1. Register for Cruise Ship Jobs Now! Starting pay varies between lines but in general, first-timers receive $1,550–$2,000 per month for a six-month contract. Is it a special talent of yours? In terms of eating, we had the same food as our passengers, which was amazing! The ship's waiter staffs. The attraction is the steady pay and being able to get free room and board. Get yourself to a regional airport and they’ll take it from there. The repertoire list should cover a wide range of styles-American standards, ballroom dancingmaterial, disco, 50’s to present favourites. Wake up for breakfast. Beau Middlebrook on the beach during an excursion while performing on the Disney Dream. What shows did you perform? During their contract onboard a cruise ship, they’ll work long hour shifts with a few hours in between in which to sleep, eat, socialise, chill out and if they’re lucky, step off the ship in the port to explore the ship’s destinations. Do you like dancing on the ship? On top of that, as a dancer I had to perform in the ship’s nightclub. High Tech / Sequenced Duos- the group must be proficient in both sequencing and acoustic instruments with strong lead vocals. Once back, we will cruise to the Bahamas and Caribbean and then travel all the way back to Barcelona.”. Glassdoor has millions of jobs plus salary information, company reviews, and interview questions from people on the inside making it easy to find a job that’s right for you. This meant I would get to do all of the passengers’ expensive activities at no extra cost!”, “It’s a lonely life at sea, especially while in Europe where it was hard to stay in contact with friends and family back home.”, “Don’t waste your time while on the ship. Cruise Ship Dancers? How long was the cruise? I advise eating a big breakfast and packing protein bars, water, and clearing your schedule for the day. Whatever nationality you are, it is your duty to declare any income made abroad. So to be part of our dance group, you must book the cruise through DanceFun. A day in the life of a cruise ship dancer on board costa atlantica while is sailing around asia with chinese passengers. You can however use the outdoor decks for sunbathing and relaxing.”, “Traveling! You get a discounted rate with the company after 6 months.”, “I performed on Holland America Line. I saved enough money to pay off my college loans too, which would have taken me 18 years otherwise!”, “Everywhere in the eastern and western Caribbean! How long was the cruise? The only way we get dance space on a cruise is to book as a large group. 7. 2. Other entertainers include a lounge performer, who can earn up to $7,000, and a show dancer, who can receive between $3,200 and $3,600 … “I was on the Carnival Conquest for 8 months as a Playlist performer.”, “I performed in Divas, Latin Nights and The Brits. Read our article the breaks down the daily revenue and profit for cruise lines… and estimates how much the biggest ships make in a single day. Congratulations, you booked the gig! Most cruise ship dance jobs cover room, food, transportation and primary health services while the dancer is working on the ship. Meet new people. Well, this dream could quite definitely become a reality. 6. Brooke Wendle talks ‘The Funny Dance Show’, The Tour Life: Artists on tour dish about life on the road, 7 Things to Avoid Saying to Your Dance Teacher (And What to do Instead), Ten years later, Helen Pickett on Choreographic Process. Stephanie Brooks in ‘Chicago’ on board of the Allure of the Seas: Royal Caribbean. There isn't much information on how much dancers get paid, however I found an … The hours might be long but crew members and staff do get good benefits to compensate. The contemporary dance to ‘Bleeding Love’ was the only dance I could breathe in as a dancer. You can go seven months without cooking a meal or cleaning a dish. When I received the offer I had just 11 days to pack up my life and head to rehearsals!”, “Living on a ship is not for everyone, but I thrived in this environment. They are the ones that look after the cleanliness and hygiene of the ship. Another great part of performing on a ship is the amount of money you save since you’re not paying for room, board, or travel expenses.”. Your... There’s going to be a lot of talk this January about making up for... Dance Informa is the industry's online dance magazine and news service. This resulted in the common staples such as rice and curries. Any dancer onboard who does not book through DanceFun will be denied access to our nightly dances, workshops, parties, shore excursions, and dining together. At the completion of your contract, Princess will arrange for your travel back home as well. Oh, and if you're … Select your job title and find out how much you could make at P&O Cruises. Here are some examples: Travel – Roundtrip flights, hotels & transfers are all covered by the cruise line. Ships facilities 'E.G' Pools, Spa's, Piano and a stage. It’s an awesome show! Picture this: You get paid to live on a four-star cruise ship, dance in Broadway-caliber shows, and travel around the world. Picture this: You get paid to live on a four-star cruise ship, dance in Broadway-caliber shows, and travel around the world. It was something different from the other shows. Search Results: Dancer. Selecting a cruise ship based on its dancing amenities might sound silly, but that’s before you’ve seen Queen Mary 2’s fabulous ballroom — easily one of the most impressive dance floors on the high seas. I would like to know some info about dancing on the ships. This team is also responsible for hosting an array of special events onboard, including guest performers, group exercise classes, and even the occasional conga line. See how your offer stacks up to other pay packages and negotiate confidently. At the beginning of each contract Princess Cruises will provide flights from your designated airport to your assigned ship. Crew Mess Boy: US$ 657,00: Responsible for cleaning, organizing and spare food restaurant crew. Every cruise ship has several entertainers who perform every day. There is usually a mid-contract slump, where it can become easy to just watch movies in your room and nap all day. Also pack some magnets, as all the walls are magnetic! 1 decade ago. Working out in the gym is a nice way to feel like your leaving your job for a bit, but it truly becomes an entertainer’s second home. per month, depending on the cruise line and gratuities. What was the dancing like? Then I sang three songs from my book. Source(s): cruise ship dancers: https://tr.im/ppiRE. “Where do I begin?! Cruise Critic toured Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.'s new crew training and housing facility in the Philippines. Your email address will not be published. Now at Royal it’s very technical, especially because I also work as an aerialist on this contract.”, “I actually auditioned for Hong Kong Disney in Melbourne, Australia (where I’m originally from) and they held on to my file and transferred it to Disney Cruise Line when I turned 18. How would I get the qualifications.