level 1. Photograph courtesy of IMP. Eric Hilton wears many hats—musician, co-founder of the ESL Music record label, and businessman behind Eighteenth Street Lounge, Marvin, and more­—but first and foremost, he’s one half of Thievery Corporation, DC’s biggest music act. Eric Hilton, Soundtrack: Vanilla Sky. [2]) and his first wife Mary Adelaide Barron. They returned to their own work in 2002 with The Richest Man in Babylon, their first album to inject a message of protest into their music, which featured guest vocalists such as Emiliana Torrini and Shinehead. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Eric Hilton was born on July 1, 1933 in Dallas, Texas. Featuring a guest appearance from Mr. Lif, Culture of Fear arrived in 2011 and mixed social commentary with dub tracks. Two weeks past the release of Thievery Corporation’s latest full-length, Treasures from the Temple, and the duo’s Rob Garza is still feeling the positive after-effects of his appearance with the classical-electronic-plus-visuals collective, Mercury Soul, at Great Northern. DJs Rob Garza and Eric Hilton of the American band Thievery Corporation performs live at the Huxleys Neue Welt on June 6, 2010 in Berlin, Germany. My BF without a reddit account asked me to post this :) 5 comments. Their 2014 release, Saudade, turned their music in a different direction, being a bossa nova-based effort with guest vocalists like LouLou Ghelichkhani, Karina Zeviani, and Elin Melgarejo. The genius behind Thievery Corp consists of producers Eric Hilton and Rob Garza, who were drawn together by a mutual love of dub, bossa nova and jazz. Let us stipulate up front that Saudade, the newest full-length by the D.C. production duo Thievery Corporation, is last-call music—an album to half-listen to after your fourth or fifth Vieux […] The following year, more tracks from their Jamaican sessions emerged -- these were collated alongside various remixes for their 2018 companion album, Treasures from the Temple. Thievery Corporation’s Eric Hilton Builds an Empire in D.C. Eric Hilton has backed a string of restaurants and bars that have been credited with helping transform pockets of the city’s night life. [1][2], Hilton served as the chairman of the BEST Foundation for a Drug-Free Tomorrow. Their second proper album, The Mirror Conspiracy, followed one year later. Advance Album Streams from Cloud Nothings, Thievery Corporation, Nickel Creek and More. Taking inspiration from British trip-hop artists like Massive Attack, Tricky and Portishead, Thievery Corporation successfully combined downtempo electronica grooves with reggae and R&B sounds to create songs that were both … They raised their children in a residence in Houston, Texas. Following the dark psychedelia of 2005's The Cosmic Game, 2008's Radio Retaliation was a protest album incorporating styles such as Afro-beat and go-go, and the Jamaica-recorded The Temple of I & I was devoted to dub and reggae. In … [1], Hilton founded the Nevada Medical Center. share. Sort by. Their first record was essentially created with nothing more than some random musical gear and electronic equipment, in the liquor room at Hilton’s Eighteenth Street Lounge in Washington, D.C. Initially known for making abstract, instrumental, midtempo dance music whose classification fell somewhere between trip-hop and acid jazz, their sound expanded to include vocalists and live instrumentation on 2000's The Mirror Conspiracy (their most popular album in the United States), which was heavily influenced by bossa nova and soul. [1], An on campus restaurant in honor of Eric Hilton, Eric's is part of the Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management. L-R: Eric Hilton, Rob Garza of Thievery Corporation (photo: Jen Maler) Words by Lily Moayeri. Featuring the production skills of Rob Garza and Eric Hilton, Thievery Corporation released several warmly received singles on their own Eighteenth Street Lounge (ESL) label (named after their own Washington, D.C. bar and nightclub) in 1996. After signing with the British 4AD label, Thievery Corporation began to work on their second LP but were forced to postpone its release date after their tapes were stolen in a mugging. As of 2020 Bibi Hilton is still living. Eric Hilton of Thievery Corporation headlines on stage during Day 4 of the Womad Festival 2018 at Charlton Park on July 29, 2018 in Malmesbury, England. Their albums, from 2002's The Richest Man in Babylon onward, have become increasingly more political, reflecting their antiwar, pro-humanity stance in addition to their appreciation of all of the world's cultures. Hilton's 1st wife, Patricia, died the following May also at the age of 83, a private ceremony was held at their Katy, Texas home. As part of our 35th anniversary celebration, we asked 35 well-known artists to select their 35 favorite lesser-known artists. That same year, the track "Lebanese Blonde" was featured in the highly successful Garden State soundtrack, which later won a Grammy Award. by TV News Desk Oct. 13, 2020 Montserrat House and Eric Hilton of the legendary duo Thievery Corporation are … Likewise, their music has explored several additional influences and genres, including Indian classical, hip-hop, and reggae. When Eric Hilton and Rob Garza came together to form Thievery Corporation in 1995, the two Washington D.C.-based musicians and DJs were breaking new ground. To commemorate the performance, they re-recorded a selection of their live staples with Prague's Filmharmonic Orchestra, going on to release them on the compilation album Symphonik in 2020. They helped to re-launch the performance area at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in 2017, accompanied by up-and-coming classical musicians. All Photos: Dakota Fine Chances are, whatever you’re doing in DC this weekend, you may run into Eric Hilton in full on local hero mode. The duo's debut LP, Sounds from the Thievery Hi-Fi, initially appeared in 1996 before seeing wider release the following year, along with a compilation of Washington, D.C.-based electronica artists titled Dubbed Out in DC (both albums were released by ESL).