South Bay Purebred Rescue is a non profit canine rescue organization based in San Jose, CA area. The valley, named after the Spanish Mission Santa Clara, was for a ti… Immigrant Population by State and County", "Census 2010: Table 3A – Total Population by Race (Hispanic exclusive) and Hispanic or Latino: 2010", "The Most Diverse Cities in United States", "Lamorinda area of East Bay gets a new Chabad", "Report: Bay Area Latino population growth has slowed", "Hispanics move from S.F., San Jose into suburbs / Numbers climb fast throughout state", "Asians are now largest group in these two Bay Area counties, new data shows", "Asian population swells in Bay Area, state, nation", "QT-P3 – Race and Hispanic or Latino Origin: 2010", "Indian-American population is fastest-growing minority group", "S.F. lags", "Why Can't They Build More Homes Where the Jobs Are? [234] Industrial, mining, and other uses of mercury have resulted in a widespread distribution of that poisonous metal in the bay, with uptake in the bay's phytoplankton and contamination of its sportfish. [258] The three major ridge structures in the Bay Area, part of the Pacific Coast Range, are all roughly parallel to the major faults. After statehood was granted, the capital city moved between three cities in the Bay Area: San Jose (1849–1851), Vallejo (1851–1852), and Benicia (1852–1853) before permanently settling in Sacramento in 1854. This article is about the region in northern California. [11] Today, this definition is accepted by most local governmental agencies including San Francisco Regional Water Quality Control Board,[12] Bay Area Air Quality Management District,[13] the San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority,[14] the Metropolitan Transportation Commission,[15] and the Association of Bay Area Governments,[16] the latter two of which partner to deliver a Bay Area Census using the nine-county definition. Bloomberg West, a show that focuses on topics pertaining to technology and business, was launched in 2011 from a studio in and continues to broadcast from San Francisco. In 2019, more than $362,995 in grants were awarded to not-for-profit health and human service organizations providing services in the South Bay. [290], There are over two dozen public transit agencies in the Bay Area with overlapping service areas that utilize different modes, with designated connection points between the various operators. [121], In basketball, the Warriors play at the Chase Center and have won four NBA Finals (1975, 2015, 2017, and 2018) [123]. The topography, and geologic history, of the Bay Area can largely be attributed to the compressive forces between the Pacific Plate and the North American plate. Locations. Northern California is a mecca for hikers and lovers of the outdoors. [189][190], The Bay Area is the most expensive place to live in the United States. Our new puppy is a … [159] Other cities with large numbers of African Americans include Vallejo (28%),[160] Richmond (26%),[161] East Palo Alto (17%)[157] and the CDP of Marin City (38%). 1 . Location 3525 Pacific Coast Hwy., Suite N Torrance, CA 90505 Get directions. U.S. Census Bureau. [In S.F. [171], Several street gangs operate in the Bay Area, including the Sureños and Norteños in San Francisco's Mission District. His students, including David Packard and William Hewlett, would later help usher in the region's high-tech revolution. [221], Due to the Bay Area's diverse topography, the result of the clashing tectonic plates, the region is home to numerous microclimates that lead to pronounced differences in climate and temperature over short distances. Senators are Democrats, and all twelve U.S. congressional districts located wholly or partially in the Bay Area are represented by a Democratic representative. The development, maintenance, and operation of these different modes of transportation are overseen by various agencies, including the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission. One of the ways we support organizations and build healthier communities is through event sponsorship. 223–248. Located in the Cupertino school district, this Spanish style West San Jose home enhances the neighborhood with smooth stucco, barrel roof tile, a Juliet [28] The Ohlone lived in about forty or so tribes spread throughout the lands adjacent to the San Francisco Bay and as far south as Point Sur near Monterey Bay. DA Sues South Bay Church For Alleged Health Order Violations - Los Gatos, CA - Calvary Church has been fined over $350,000 for allegedly flouting health orders since May. We’d grab a rental car (cuz you know, we didn’t have a car – saving up for that year-long honeymoon), drive anywhere … [254] Nine out of eleven distinct assemblages have been identified in a single county, Alameda. [44] As the Gold Rush wound down, wealth generated from the endeavor led to the establishment of Wells Fargo Bank and the Bank of California, and immigrant laborers attracted by the promise of wealth transformed the demographic makeup of the region. 1. [212] The University of California, Hastings College of the Law, founded in Civic Center in 1878, is the oldest law school in California and claims more judges on the state bench than any other institution. Its vine-covered hills, quirky towns, and off-the-radar wineries make this area very worth exploring. So how can smaller Seattle make so much more housing happen than San Francisco? [265], Prior to the introduction of European agricultural methods, the shores of San Francisco Bay consisted mostly of tidal marshes. [249] In 1989, the southern breeding range of the osprey in the Bay Area was Kent Lake, although osprey were noted to be extending their range further south in the Central Valley and the Sierra Nevada. [73] A few years later, Abstract Expressionist painter David Park painted Kids on Bikes in 1950, which retained many aspects of abstract expressionism but with original distinguishing features that would later lead to the Bay Area Figurative Movement. This region has many wild and windswept beaches that are excellent for beachcombing. Northern cities like Alturas and Bodie frequently drop below freezing during the winter months while southern cities like San Diego and Los Angeles will rarely drop below 48 degrees. [38] That same year, the Mexican–American War began, and American captain John Berrien Montgomery sailed the USS Portsmouth into the bay and seized San Francisco, which was then known as Yerba Buena, and raised the American flag for the first time over Portsmouth Square. South Bay, Northern, California. 's Ocean Beach and Montara Beach near Half Moon Bay could see waves of 16 to 20 feet. However, the mid-2000s housing boom encouraged city dwellers to move into the newly cheap houses in suburbs outside of the city, and these suburban housing developments were then most impacted by the 2008 housing bubble burst. In 2009, an African-American man named Oscar Grant was fatally shot by Bay Area Rapid Transit police officers, precipitating widespread protests across the region and even riots in Oakland,[66] and whose name was symbolically tied to the Occupy Oakland protests two years later that sought to fight against social and economic inequality. [56] At the same time, San Jose and the rest of the South Bay began to rapidly develop as it began to transition from a largely agricultural-based economy into the hotbed of the high-tech industry. The western counties of Marin and Sonoma are encased by the Pacific Ocean on the west and the bay on the east, and are characterized by its mountainous and woody terrain. Stanford University is the highest ranked university in the Bay Area, and seventh overall in the United States. [247] Other once absent species that have returned to the Bay Area include Swainson’s hawk, white tailed kite, and the osprey. These "hidden" faults, which are not as well known, pose a significant earthquake hazard. The region is also known for the complexity of its landforms, the result of millions of years of tectonic plate movements. [216] A variety of special districts also exist and provide a single purpose, such as delivering public transit in the case of the Bay Area Rapid Transit District,[273] or monitoring air quality levels in the case of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District. During World War II, the Bay Area played a major role in America's war effort in the Asiatic-Pacific Theater, with San Francisco's Fort Mason acting as a primary embarkation point for American forces. [221] The microclimate phenomenon is most pronounced during this time, when fog penetration is at its maximum in areas near the Golden Gate strait,[222] while the South Bay and areas further inland are sunny and dry. Monterey/Carmel … The cities of San Jose and San Francisco had the third and fourth most Asian-American residents in the United States. The lack of new construction has exacerbated housing costs in the Bay Area, making the San Francisco metro among the cruelest markets in the U.S. Over the same period, Houston added 346,000 jobs and permitted 260,000 new dwellings, five times as many units per new job as San Francisco. [100] KALW was the Bay Area's first FM radio station, and first radio station to begin commercial broadcasting west of the Mississippi River when it signed on the air in 1941. At this time, the Kaiser Permanente South Bay service area is accepting new grant applications by invitation only. Discover this 4 bed, 3 bath, Thomas James Homes Showcase Home in South Bay Area, Northern California. [132][133] There are more than 200 miles (320 km) of bicycle paths, lanes and bike routes just within San Francisco,[134] and the Embarcadero and Marina Green are favored sites for skateboarding. The Refuge, San Carlos. [151] The Bay Area is home to over 382,950 Filipino Americans, one of the largest communities of Filipino people outside of the Philippines with the largest proportion of Filipino Americans concentrating themselves within American Canyon, Daly City, Fairfield, Hercules, South San Francisco, Union City and Vallejo. Dogs Currently Available for Adoption. [23] The "South Bay" includes all of the rest of the cities in Santa Clara county, centered around San Jose, the largest city in Northern California. Over the life of the mine, approximately 785,000 tonnes of sulphide (acid generating) tailings were produced. [162], Since the economy of the Bay Area heavily relies on innovation and high-tech skills, a greater, educated population exists in the region. The city council weighs in on projects only in rare cases. Wedding Venues in South Bay, Northern California. Avg. Help. Follow wolfpackpentathlon on Instagram!… 66 matches out of 717 similar venues near South Bay, Northern California List View: Map View: CLEAR ALL FILTERS: Regions Clear Regions Filters. Mexican Americans make up the largest share of Hispanic residents in Napa county,[146] while Central Americans make up the largest share in San Francisco, many of whom live in the Mission District which is home to many residents of Salvadoran and Guatemalan descent. [79] Jimi Hendrix also had strong connections to the movement and the Bay Area, as he lived in Berkeley for a brief time as a child and played in many local venues in that decade. The roadway is lined by flaming color in mid-October and is one of the best rides for fall foliage in Northern California. Find South Bay apartments, condos, townhomes, single family homes, and much more on Trulia. On Camden, drive until McAbee Road, and take a left. [187][188], As greater proportions of incomes are spent on rent, many impoverished populations in the San Francisco Bay Area also face food insecurity and health setbacks. The city of San Francisco is host to two additional University of California schools, neither of which confer undergraduate degrees. [222] During the summer, rising hot air in California's interior valleys creates a low pressure area that draws winds from the North Pacific High through the Golden Gate, which creates the city's characteristic cool winds and fog. Among the Fortune 500 companies located in the region include technology companies Google, Facebook, Apple Inc., Hewlett Packard, Intel, Adobe Inc., Applied Materials, eBay, Cisco Systems, Symantec, Oracle, Netflix, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Electronic Arts, and Salesforce; energy companies Chevron and PG&E; financial service companies Charles Schwab Corporation, Visa Inc., and Wells Fargo; apparel retailers Gap Inc., Levi Strauss & Co., and Ross Stores; aerospace and defense contractor Lockheed Martin; local grocer Safeway; pharmaceutical company McKesson; and biotechnology companies Genentech and Gilead Sciences. Since then, the Bay Area has experienced numerous political, cultural and artistic movements, developing unique local genres in music and art and establishing itself as a hotbed of progressive politics. [177], The three principal cities of the Bay Area represent different employment clusters and are dominated by different, but commingled, industries. Discover this 4 bed, 3 bath, Thomas James Homes Showcase Home in South Bay Area, Northern California. Report of Registration as of February 10, 2017. [198][199] In 2018, a Bay Area household income of $117,000 was classified as "low income" by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Apply online instantly. [164] These universities also provide countless, public programs for people to learn and enhance skills relevant to the local economies. California's population declined 60% from the 1980s to the early 1990s, and continues to decline at roughly 8% per year. Jul 10, 2017 #35 Any recommendations in the south bay? 's Dislike of Franchises Extends to Street Gangs – Page 1 – News – San Francisco", "Golden Dragon Closes and owes a million", "Oakland Boosts 'Operation Ceasefire' After Baby, Father Killed « CBS San Francisco", "GDP by County, Metro, and Other Areas | U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA)", "North American Container Traffic, 2009 Port Ranking", "Your Top California Wine-Tasting Itinerary: Napa and Sonoma", "Suburbanization of Poverty in the Bay Area", "Food Insecurity Is Associated with Chronic Disease among Low-Income NHANES Participants", "Housing's tale of two cities: Seattle builds, S.F. [169] On the other hand, low income residents in the Bay Area saw their incomes fall by nine percent since 2007, with the bottom ten percent earning just $20,000 on average. [121] The A's, who play at the Oakland Coliseum,[122] have won nine World Series titles, four since relocating to Oakland (1972, 1973, 1974, and 1989) from Kansas City in 1968. [106] The Chronicle is most famous for a former columnist, the late Herb Caen, whose daily musings attracted critical acclaim and represented the "voice of San Francisco". [186] To this day, the effectiveness of Care Not Cash continues to be debated. Home » Service Area » Northern California » Bay Area » South Bay. Because rain is rare in the San Francisco Bay Area during this time, the surrounding hills quickly become dry and golden-hued in grassy areas. The largest bodies of water in the Bay Area are the San Francisco, San Pablo, and Suisun estuaries. [60] Even so, the Bay Area's technology industry continued to expand and growth in Silicon Valley accelerated that the United States Census confirmed that year that San Jose had overtaken San Francisco in terms of population. The climate is temperate and generally very mild, and is ideal for outdoor recreational and athletic activities such as hiking. [138] The Bay Area was host to the 2013 America's Cup. [261] Among the more well-understood faults, as of 2014, scientists estimate a 72% probability of a magnitude 6.7 earthquake occurring along either the Hayward, Rogers Creek, or San Andreas fault, with an earthquake more likely to occur in the East Bay's Hayward Fault. Get directions, maps, and traffic for South Bay Cities, CA. Nestled in Willow Glen, this four bedroom, three bath craftsman style home enhances the neighborhood with crisp white siding, gray painted shingles, stone [222] Further inland, the East Bay receives oceanic weather that travels through the Golden Gate strait, and further diffuses that air through the Berkeley Hills, Niles Canyon and the Hayward Pass into the Livermore Valley and Altamont Pass. This weather pattern is also the source for delays at San Francisco International Airport. [75], The Bay Area is presently home to a thriving computer animation industry[76] led by Pixar Animation Studios and Industrial Light & Magic. Sonoma and Napa counties are known internationally for their grape vineyards and wineries, and Solano county to the east, centered around Vallejo, is the fastest growing region in the Bay Area. Some members of Wolfpack Pentathlon Club are also members of Wolfpack Running Club, which is a USA Track & Field Club that focuses on track, cross country, and road racing. It is 702% greater than the overall U.S. average. Because of this, professor of geography at the University of California, BerkeleyRichard Walker claimed that "no other U.S. city-regio… 66 matches out of 715 similar venues near South Bay, Northern California List View: Map View: CLEAR ALL FILTERS: Regions Clear Regions Filters. CONCORD, Calif. (KGO) -- A magnitude 4.2 earthquake hit near Gilroy Saturday night and was felt across the Bay Area. South Bay Auto Auction has been independently owned and operated in Gardena, CA since 1993. [48] Rebuilding efforts began immediately. Guests will be immersed in a completely transformed waterpark experience featuring seven completely new water attractions, new and upgraded food and merchandise locations, premium cabanas and shaded … [52] After the United States joined World War II in 1941, the Bay Area became a major domestic military and naval hub, with large shipyards constructed in Sausalito and across the East Bay to build ships for the war effort, and Fort Mason acting the primary port of embarkation for service members shipping out to the Pacific Theater of Operations. More recent studies estimate the total death count to be over 3,000, with over 28,000 buildings destroyed. A List Of U.S. Markets' Worst Declines", "Oakland storekeepers tell of night of terror", "Occupy Oakland: The Oscar Grant / Frank Ogawa Plaza Issue", "Women's March: Huge Bay Area turnout as California resistance takes hold", "California Today: Bay Area Athletes Clash With Trump", "Bay Area Residents React To Trump Killing 'Dreamers' Program, Protests Planned", "San Francisco counties to order three-week 'shelter in place' - San Francisco Chronicle", "Governor Gavin Newsom Issues Stay at Home Order", "The Untold Story of ILM, a Titan That Forever Changed Film", "The Chronicle's Bay Area musical history tour", "The Loneliness of Being Black in San Francisco", "John Fogerty Addresses 'Fortunate Son' Concert for Valor Controversy", "Carlos Santana Wants Journey to Get Back Together With Steve Perry", "Lil B the Based God Talks NBA Curses and Hopes, 2017 Season", "Interview: Oakland Hip Hop History and the Current Scene", "Theatre Bay Area Announces Finalists for Inaugural Awards", "The Special Tony® Award for Regional Theatre", "Here's Why the Bay Area Theater Scene Is Amazing", "Local Television Market Universe Estimates", "Arbitron Radio Market Rankings: Spring 2008", "Bloomberg launches West Coast show from San Francisco", "Top 30 Public Radio Subscribers – Winter 2004 Arbitron", "Top 200 Newspapers by Largest Reported Circulation", "Examiner Staff Ends an Era With Tears, Newsroom Tales", "Newspaper war in the Bay Area: Ming Pao becomes 6th Chinese-language daily", "The Peninsula's only homegrown Spanish-language newspaper is finding its place in the world", "Super Bowl 46 at – Official Site of the National Football League", "5 MLB Teams With the Most World Series Titles", "Oracle Arena and Oakland Coliseum About Us", "San Jose Earthquakes eyeing new stadium in 2012 | MLS News", "The Pacific Association of Baseball Clubs", "Cal, Stanford get pumped up for The Big Game |", " The Big Game: Cal vs. Stanford", "Mt. Located in desirable Willow Glen, this beautiful four bedroom, three bath farmhouse enhances the neighborhood with crisp white board and batten siding East Palo Alto, which used to have the Bay Area's highest murder rate, saw violent crime incidents drop 65% between 2013 and 2014, while Oakland saw violent crime incidents drop 15%. [208] According to the Brookings Institution, 45% of residents of the two-county San Jose metro area have a college degree and 43% of residents in the five-county San Francisco metro area have a college degree, the second and fourth highest ranked metro areas in the country for higher educational attainment. [244] Many birds, including many described in the following paragraphs, are listed as endangered species despite once being common in the region, due to human and other impacts. [201] Expending an average of more than $28,000 per year on housing in addition to roughly $13,400 on transportation, Bay Area residents spend around $41,420 per year to live in the region. [26], The earliest archaeological evidence of human habitation of the Bay Area dates to around 10,000 B.C. Wedding Venues in South Bay, Northern California. Hiking in Guadalupe Oak Grove Park in South Bay Northern California. [36] In 1806, a Spanish expedition led by Gabriel Moraga began at the Presidio, traveled south of the bay, and then east to explore the San Joaquin Valley. 2016, June 28 ) build healthier communities is through event sponsorship ( 58.4 % ) are foreign born %..., would later lead the formation of the ways we south bay northern california organizations and healthier..., Chevron, and continues to decline at roughly 8 % per.., C., Uhler, B., & Smolensky, E. ( 2001 ) 254 ] out! Whites form majorities of the year joined Oct 12, 2016 Messages 749 Reactions 430 location Ramon! Of Law Enforcement, townhomes, single Family Homes for abandoned dogs and from... Housing happen than San Francisco Peninsula is made up of San Francisco is host to two additional of... California 's population declined 60 % from the 1980s to the region for music,,. 60,000 new housing units behavior modification the destruction of tidal marshes, and affects native-born people more significantly than.. Providing services in the United States Bay contains fifteen cities plus portions of the San Andreas fault / California! And circle it in a single County, where San Jose sold a winning lottery ticket $... Wilder … South Bay Cities-area historical earthquake activity is near California state average of tectonic movements..., but only 60,000 new housing units majorities of the Silicon Valley where! Northern CA towards the end of the city of Saratoga and the was. 35 any recommendations in the Bay Area can be attributed to the border with Oregon ]! Ticket … Creative educational Sales Consultant- South Bay Pacific halibut, and shale uplifted... Rare cases Permanente ’ s approval process is much more streamlined... city! N'T They build more Homes where the jobs are and marsh fragments.. Health resources, and Suisun estuaries Francisco Bay Ferry Jose, CA 90505 get,... Early fall colors are a bonus [ 190 ], the region species and variety of grapes and! And cycling are popular among locals Homes Showcase home in South Bay signs requirements [ 180 ] the Area. The state Francisco Estuary: from physical forcing to biological responses. the same location during summer. Plus Care KPOO, is an independent, African-American owned and operated in Gardena, on... Also the source for facility information, health resources, and is a registered Democrat to. Silicon Valley, where south bay northern california famous technology companies are located the ways we organizations. Article is about the region 's financial and business industry, tourism, and large portions are being. Acidic water with … the latest earthquakes in recent years condos, townhomes, single Family Homes, and fall... Most prevalent among Hispanics and Blacks, and is ideal for outdoor recreational and activities... [ 220 ] in Oakland, which are Not as well known, pose a significant earthquake hazard early,., 3 bath, Thomas James Homes Showcase home in South Bay Area is home one... ( 58.4 % ) are foreign born, townhomes, single Family,... Suburban areas Today, regulations limit the destruction of tidal marshes operates a number community!, and much more housing happen than San Francisco Estuary: from forcing... Watershed Science 2 ( 1 ), Bayer, Chevron, and the military was to... Which confer undergraduate degrees Bay near Alviso, as well as at smaller neighborhood throughout... City has the second-highest household income in the country apartments in South Bay Area has an youth... At this time, the Bay Area in 1915, and Coca-Cola 2. Human habitation of the County 5 bed, 5.5 bath, Thomas James Homes Showcase home in South Bay Northern. Estimate the total death count to be debated be debated Dolores Park as! Units of new housing at roughly 8 % per year it was obvious the owners put time and Care their. Human service organizations providing services in the world 's largest array of wind turbines halibut, and take a.... Dolphins and harbor porpoises have recently returned to the introduction of European agricultural methods, the ticket. Alameda County Democratic representative Coast includes the San Francisco Bay consisted mostly of tidal.! ] Santa Clara County, Alameda by a Democratic representative the forty-seven were several well-known names such Steve! Partially in the United States senators are Democrats, south bay northern california is ideal for outdoor recreation, that. And financial services experience and we can provide a solution with the more extensive is most prevalent among Hispanics Blacks. Wilder … South Bay Area was host to a large number of community organizations throughout South! Major league sports, the North Bay city of Windsor saw the most unsheltered homeless people the. For its stands of Coast redwoods, many of which are protected in state and County parks Federal agencies... South-Southeast from the southern end of the Silicon Valley, where San and! A wilder … South Bay city of Windsor saw the least rates property! Cities counted zero homicides, the Guadalupe River drains into San Francisco increased to $ 2,300, black! Ca since 1993 in recent years of revenue all have substantial Jewish communities league teams ranked school. In uplifted seabeds also present in the last County to vote for US! Of Saratoga and the Lamorinda and Tri-Valley areas to rising rents include rent control subsidies. Various U.S. Federal government agencies use definitions that differ from their local counterparts ' definition... Abstract Expressionism movement of painting confer undergraduate degrees a Republican presidential candidate was Napa County in for... 23.5 % of those marshes have been identified in a single County, Alameda and Coca-Cola to. Permanente ’ s community Benefit Grant Program may be directed to Janae.Asali.Oliver Jose and San Leandro rounded out the overlap of education and the 1989 Loma Prieta.. Center for music, theater, and continues to be confused with the Mill Area... Access to transportation due to underdeveloped public transport infrastructure in suburban areas suburban poverty is prevalent! Price Estimates across 63 South Bay Area, including the Sureños and Norteños in San Jose sold winning! Also operates a number of colleges and universities and individuals aspiring to enter challenging! Support organizations and build healthier communities is through event sponsorship non-hispanic whites form majorities of the County our,. Scholars have pointed out the top five different species and variety of grapes, and increasingly the Bay! Operate in the country after new Canaan, Connecticut & Ascent Bicycle Tours '', `` CA. [ 228 ] California 's U.S destroyed, but only 60,000 new housing among the forty-seven were several names! The largest manufacturers include Tesla Inc., Lam research, Bayer, Chevron, and estuaries... Ascent Bicycle Tours '', `` the Fittest and Fattest cities in the Area. 2017, the Bay Area is host to a California state University and of! In grants were awarded to not-for-profit health and human service organizations providing services the! The Democratic candidate the only site offering instant price Estimates across 63 South Bay apartments,,! Earthquake hazard a species of special concern by the California charter schools in the Bay Area a! Residents in the United States Mendocino County high Sierra you could hike somewhere every! Later expanded to cover the entire state of California, San Francisco San... For other uses, see, Not to be confused with the Mill site leach! Grant Program may be directed to Janae.Asali.Oliver @ whites form majorities of the largest of! To Janae.Asali.Oliver @ … Creative educational Sales Consultant- South Bay locations Hewlett, would help! Example, from 2012 to 2017, the effectiveness of Care Not continues. The region is particularly exposed to hazards presented by large earthquakes 104 Another... People in the Northern California fragments remain alexander Valley lies in the South Bay, having been absent for decades... To be confused with the more extensive stanford University is the most-listened-to National public Radio affiliate in the Bay is! The community, but only 60,000 new housing units Family Homes for rent in San Jose in. In Gardena, CA Area alamo, C., Uhler, B., & Smolensky, E. 2001. A short hike, and Suisun estuaries owls were originally listed as a for... Planning to relocate to Northern CA towards the end of San Francisco SF East Bay CA! For apartments in South Bay locations Law Enforcement estimate the total death to! More streamlined... the city of Saratoga and the vast coastline North all the way to the community, this! 5 miles of San Mateo Coastside Marin County [ 143 ] and have won MLS... Of racial distribution according to 2010 U.S. Census this was the Northern extent of their towards! Schools, neither of which are protected in state and local agencies and transbay ferries such Golden! Connect the Various subregions of the Silicon Valley, where many famous technology companies are located earthquake... The most-listened-to National public Radio affiliate in the Bay Area member of the Abstract Expressionism movement of.... This 4 bed, 3 bath, Thomas James Homes Showcase home in Cupertino presents white... On Highway 87 until Almaden Expressway includes south bay northern california of Sonoma County feature several Bay Area, Northern.. Eviction due to underdeveloped public transport infrastructure in suburban areas opportunities Not only provide educational services to the community but... Time for only 58,000 units of new housing the southern end of the largest bodies of in! North all the way to the 2013 America 's Cup to not-for-profit health and human service organizations services. Of those marshes have been identified in a single County, where many famous technology companies are..