Nerva saw that if he could not find an Augustus to control the army, the army would find another Domitian to trample the senate under foot. English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word "Senate" in Example Sentences Page 1. Senate in a sentence. On his final day in office President Bill Clinton commuted the sentences of a pair of leftist terrorists who had bombed the U.S. Capitol building in 1983. In theory, Senate Democrats could change the cloture rule—and, with it, the need for 60 votes. The members of the Senate are elected for life by the House of Burgesses; but a senator is free to retire from office at the expiry of six years. During his mayoralty he also held other offices, being a member of the state senate from 1806 to 1811 and lieutenant-governor from 1811 to 1813. Thereupon he entered the Senate, where his activity was unabated. In a campaign largely restricted to the question of free-silver coinage he was defeated for re-election in 1894, and subsequently was also defeated as the Democratic candidate for the United States Senate. At the same time he practically told the Senate that the South would secede in the event of the election of a radical Republican to the presidency; and on the 10th of January 1861, not long after the election of Lincoln, he argued before that body the constitutional right of secession and declared that the treatment of the South had become such that it could no longer remain in the Union without being degraded. The proposal went nowhere in the senate: 22. In recognition thereof the Genoese senate caused the words Civitas Calvi semper fidelis to be carved on the chief gate of the city, which still preserves the inscription. Thus we find dictators destined to hold the elections, to make out the list of the senate, to celebrate games, to establish festivals, and to drive the nail into the temple of Jupiter - an act of natural magic which was believed to avert pestilence. To quiet the people and save the unhappy victim, two officers volunteered to conduct him to the senate house and there place him in arrest. The events of the Hundred Days (March-June, 1815) brought him back to France; he resumed his archiepiscopal duties at Lyons and was further named a member of the senate. Since 1846 both senators and assemblymen have been elected by single districts, and ever since the state government was established they have been apportioned according to population, but the present constitution limits the representation of New York City in the Senate by declaring that no county shall have more than one-third of all the senators nor any two adjoining counties more than one-half of them. Cleveland's second administration began by vigorous action in regard to Hawaii; he at once withdrew from the Senate the annexation treaty which President Harrison had negotiated. From the Consistory, from the Senate, from the University, from the Foundling Hospital, the Suffragan has sent... asking for information.... "Vereshchagin was tried and condemned to death," thought Rostopchin (though the Senate had only condemned Vereshchagin to hard labor), "he was a traitor and a spy. Although to some extent looked down upon by the senate as following a dishonourable occupation, they had as a rule sided with the latter, as being at least less hostile to them than the democratic party. Strom Thurmond’s senate filibuster lasted over 24 hours. The senate and chamber met at San Stefano, and, sitting jointly as a National Assembly, issued a proclamation in favour of the committee and its army (April 22, 1909), by which Constantinople was now invested. He was never concerned with civil jurisdiction, and was dependent on the senate for supplies of money. He maintained his liberal and independent attitude in the Conseil des Anciens, the Senate and the Chamber of Peers, being president of the upper house during the Hundred Days. The first symptom of this lawlessness was the separation of Poland and Lithuania, the Lithuanians proceeding to elect Alexander, Casimir's fourth son, as their grand-duke, without even consulting the Polish senate, in flagrant violation of the union of Horodlo. The remaining years of Innocent's life were taken up by a quarrel with the Roman commune, which had set up an independent senate, and one with King Louis VII. Examples from Classical Literature The senate, composed of nobles, represented the credenza and the gran consiglio. Use ‘the Senate’ in a sentence | ‘the Senate’ example sentences 101- Obama needs one-third of either the House or the Senate to back the nuclear deal. If he die in office, resign or be impeached, the officers standing next in succession are the lieutenant-governor, the president of the Senate, and the speaker of the House of Representatives in the order named. He was annually re-elected until 1841; in 1842 he was elected to the state Senate, and in the following year, on the Whig ticket, to the National House of Representatives. He was elected to the Virginia State Senate for two terms (1899-1903) and was a member of the State Constitutional Convention in 1901. Parliament consists of two chambers, the senate and the Chamber of Deputies, which are nominally on an equal footing, though practically the elective chamber ~s the more important. 52- the Senate Homeland Security Committee also is looking into the matter. His interest and efficiency in financial legislation in the House led to his appointment on the Senate Committee of Finance, and after 1867 he was chairman of this influential committee. A lieutenant-governor, chosen biennially, presides over the senate. But the staunch Federalists of the senate, who had begun to draw the party lines rather sharply, found the presence of the young Genevan highly distasteful. Each legislature elected two senators to the United States Senate, which, having a Republican majority, seated the Republicans. Senate definition: The Senate is the smaller and more important of the two parts of the parliament in some... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples In 1863 he again took his seat in the United States Senate. The senate consists of princes of the blood who have attained their majority, and of an unlimited number of senators above forty years of age, who are qualified under any one of twenty-one specified categoriesby having either held high office, or attained celebrity in science, literature, &c. In 1908 there were 318 senators exclusive of five members of the royal family. He received the grand cordon of the Legion of Honour, became grand-almoner of the empire and had a seat in the French senate. A senate wal established, an.d the republic was proclaimed. Early in 1864, when it became evident that two more Republican votes might be needed in the United States Senate for reconstruction purposes, party leaders at Washington urged the people of Nevada to adopt a constitution and enter the Union as a patriotic duty, and on the 21st of March 1864 Congress passed an act to enable the people of the Territory to form a state government. The Senate, which exercises the greater part of the executive power, is composed of eighteen members, one half of whom must have studied law or finance, while at least seven of the remainder must belong to the class of merchants. Senate definition is - an assembly or council usually possessing high deliberative and legislative functions: such as. From this again appeal can be made on points of law or disputed procedure to the senate, which may send the case back for retrial by an assize of the peace in another district. Hurrying back to Rome, Hadrian endeavoured to remove the unfavourable impression produced by the whole affair and to gain the goodwill of senate and people. Grant accepted the appointment under protest, and held it until the following January, when the Senate refused to confirm the president's action, and Secretary Stanton resumed his office. A lieutenant-governor, chosen biennially, presides over the Senate. 3. senator from Connecticut. The legislature of the state is composed of a Senate and a House of Representatives. He displayed his political tact in the choice of the American delegation, which was led by Secretary Hughes and included, besides Elihu Root, two members of the Senate, Lodge and Underwood, the Republican and Democratic leaders respectively. His career in the Senate covered two terms (1812-1820). The members of both chambers owe their election to universal suffrage; but the Senate is not elected directly by the people and the Chamber of Deputies is. The legislative department consists of a Senate, with members chosen every four years, about half of whom retire every two years; and an Assembly, whose members are chosen biennially. It has four members in the Canadian Senate and ten in the House of Commons. The Liberal party and Sagasta paid the penalty of their lack of success, and directly the Cortes met in March 1899, after the peace treaty of the 1 oth of December 1898 with the United States, they were defeated in the senate. senate sentence in English. The law does not make the nomination of candidates for the United States Senate by this method mandatory nor such choice binding upon the General Assembly. Senate in a sentence. Special Senate Powers The main job of the Senate is to vote on new laws along with the House of Representatives. In 1812 he entered the state Senate, and he also became a member of the court for the correction of errors, the highest court in New York until 1847. He was again a representative in Congress from December 1865 until 1867, when he entered the Senate. ), Railway Organization and Working (Chicago, 1906); Interstate Commerce Commission; Rate Regulation Hearings before the U.S. Senate Committee (Washington, 5 vols., 1905); and on current matters, The Official Railway Guide (monthly, New York, the Railroad Age Gazette (weekly, New York) and the Commercial and Financial Chronicle (weekly, New York). In 88 war broke out with Mithradates, and Sulla was appointed by the senate to the chief command, which was eagerly desired by Marius. By Carolyn Presutti. In 1803 he entered the senate, and next year became attached to the household of Joseph Bonaparte. McConnell beat off a challenge for his senate seat: 20. Examples of senate in a sentence, how to use it. In the senate he was looked upon as President Washington's personal spokesman and as the leader of the Administration party. The hold which Trajan acquired over the people was no less firm than that which he maintained upon the army and the senate. The senator addressed the gathering informally. After passing the House it was sent to the Senate, where it was much changed. He was a member of the lower house of the Ohio legislature in 1821, 1822 and 1829, and of the national House of Representatives from 1831 to 1840; was governor of Ohio in 1840-1842; served in the United States Senate from 1845 to 1850; was secretary of the treasury in the cabinet of President Fillmore in 1850-1853; was again a member of the national House of Representatives from 1859 to 1861; and from 1861 to 1864 was minister of the United States to Mexico - a position of peculiar difficulty at that time. In 1862 he was elected to Congress, serving in the House thirteen years (December 1863 to December 1876), followed by a little over four years in the Senate. The controversy ended in the creation of a bicameral legislature in the lower branch of which the claim of the larger states found recognition, while in the upper, the Senate, each state had two votes. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Six judges - a chancellor, a chief justice, and four associate justices - of whom there shall be at least one resident in each of the three counties, and not more than three shall belong to the same political party, are appointed by the governor, with the consent of the senate, for a term of twelve years. 11 President of senate, Marvil dying in 1895. Lawrence|St Lawrence county in 1820, and was successively a member of the state Senate in 1824-1826, a member of the national House of Representatives in 1827-1829, comptroller of the state in 1829-1833, U.S. senator in 1833-1844, and governor of New York in 18 441846. The governor appoints, subject to the consent of a majority of the members elected to the Senate, all officers whose appointment or election is. Among the measures and events distinguishing his term as president were the following: The meeting of the Pan-American Congress at Washington; the passage of the McKinley Tariff Bill and of the Sherman Silver Bill of 1890; the suppressing of the Louisiana Lottery; the enlargement of the navy; further advance in civil service reform; the convocation by the United States of an international monetary conference; the establishment of commercial reciprocity with many countries of America and Europe; the peaceful settlement of a controversy with Chile; the negotiation of a Hawaiian Annexation Treaty, which, however, before its ratification, his successor withdrew from the Senate; the settlement of difficulties with Germany concerning the Samoan Islands, and the adjustment by arbitration with Great Britain of the Bering Sea fur-seal question. He was chosen as President of the Senate in 1905 and 1906. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more. He may be impeached before the senate for his official acts and suspended from office, or tried by the supreme tribunal for criminal offences. 5. He was chairman of the Republican national executive campaign committee in 1888, and was a member of the United States Senate in1887-1899and again in 1901-1904. Examples of senate in a sentence, how to use it. Here are many translated example sentences containing "THIS SENATE" - english-italian translations and … And so they did, following the example set … 1841, in Pennsylvania), became a citizen of the state, and after securing for himself the control of the Wilmington gas supply, systematically set about building up a personal " machine " that would secure his election to the national Senate as a Republican. use "senate" in a sentence He is set to appear before the Senate Judiciary committee to present his case for the abolishment of the death penalty. In October 1848 Cibrario was made senator, and after the battle of Novara (March 1849), when Charles Albert abdicated and retired to a monastery near Oporto, Cibrario and Count Giacinto di Collegno were sent as representatives of the senate to express the sympathy of that body with the fallen king. After his father's death, Dio Cassius left Cilicia for Rome (180) and became a member of the senate. They do not represent the opinions of Only the interpretation of the oracle which was considered suitable to the emergency was made known to the public, not the oracle itself. His long term of service in the House, his leadership of his party on its floor, his candidacy for the speakership, and his recent election to the United States Senate, marked him out as the available man. Subsequently he actively supported in the Senate the free-state cause in Kansas. Its government was in the hands of five archons, a senate, a popular assembly and a registrar. In 1867 his friends again wished to elect him to the Senate of the United States, and the indications were all in his favour. The latter event is proved by a Latin address (of no particular merit) to the Doge and Senate entitled Oratio J. With other disclosures regarding German machinations against the United States it materially contributed to rouse American national feeling, which found expression in the decisive votes of the Senate and the House of Representatives on April 5 in favour of declaring war upon Germany. When the constitutional convention met in Philadelphia in 1787 to frame a constitution for a stronger Federal government, the agriculturists of Rhode Island were afraid that the movement would result in an interference with their local privileges, and especially with their favourite device of issuing paper money, and the state refused to send delegates, and not until the Senate had passed a bill for severing commercial relations between the United States and Rhode Island, did the latter, in May 1790, ratify the Federal constitution, and then only by a majority of two votes. There are 50 example sentences for senate, and this page shows no. The knights, who as farmers of the taxes had suffered heavy losses during the disturbances in Syria, were greatly embittered against Gabinius, and, when he appeared in the senate to give an account of his governorship, he was brought to trial on three counts, all involving a capital offence. Robertson, a political opponent of Conkling, as collector of the port of New York, and when this appointment was confirmed by the Senate in spite of Conkling's opposition, Conkling and his associate senator from New York, Thomas C. Platt, resigned their seats in the Senate and sought re-election as a personal vindication. From 1831 to 1833 he was a Democratic member of the United States Senate, in which he advocated a compromise tariff and strongly supported Jackson's position in regard to nullification. In the midst of his labours came the news that the senate had refused to confirm his appointment as peace commissioner. On the bank question he was at first at variance with the president; in January 1832 he presented in the Senate a memorial from the bank's president, Nicholas Biddle, and its managers, praying for a recharter, and subsequently he was chairman of a committee which reported a bill re-chartering the institution for a fifteen-year period. From the town The judge (ispravnik), who, in spite of the principle laid ordinary down in 1864, combines judicial and administrative functions, an appeal lies (as in the case of the justices of the peace) to an assembly of such judges; from these again there is an appeal to the district court (okrugniya sud), consisting of three judges; 4 from this to the court of appeal (sudebniya palata); while over this again is the senate, which, as the supreme court of cassation, can send a case for retrial for reason shown. The Mithraic community of worshippers, besides being a spiritual fraternity, was a legal corporation enjoying the right of holding property, with temporal officials at its head, like any other sodalitas: there were the decuriones and decem primi, governing councils resembling assembly and senate in cities; magistri, annually elected presidents; curatores, financial agents; defensores, advocates; and patroni, protectors among the influential. Reynolds had served his entire sentence on child sex abuse charges before the commutation of the later convictions. Its site was originally included in the so-called "Bingham Patent," a tract on both sides of the Susquehanna river owned by William Bingham (1751-1804), a Philadelphia merchant, who was a member of the Continental Congress in 1787-1788 and of the United States Senate in 1795 - 1801, being president pro tempore of the Senate from the 16th of February to the 3rd of March 1797. The Palacký Academical Senate has also two commissions: the Economic Commission and the Legislative Commission. A vice-president is elected at the same time and under the same conditions, who is president of the senate ex officio, and succeeds to the presidency in case the office becomes vacant during the last two years of the presidential term. In November 1898 he was elected president of the senate, and in June 1900 succeeded in forming a "Cabinet of pacification" after the Obstructionist crisis which had caused the downfall of General Pelloux. The most celebrated voyage of antiquity undertaken for the express purpose of discovery was that fitted out by the senate of Carthage under the command of Hanno, with the intention of founding new colonies along the west coast of Africa. A measure passed by the Chamber of Deputies becomes law, in spite of its rejection by the Senate, if the Chamber of Deputies by a vote of the majority of its entire membership repasses the measure. The exclusion of the handicraftsmen from the Rath led, early in the 15th century, to a rising of the craft gilds against the patrician merchants, and in 1410 they forced the latter to recognize the authority of a committee of 48 burghers, which concluded with the senate the so-called First Recess; there were, however, fresh outbursts in 1458 and 1483, which were settled by further compromises. Senators, delegates to the convention, who hoped that as president he would be amenable to the Senate. They were convened by the magistrate, who presided as in the Roman senate. Besides the era of Actium, there was also an Augustan era, which began four years later, or 27 B.C., the year in which Augustus prevailed on the senate and people of Rome to decree him the title of Augustus, and to confirm him in the supreme power of the empire. The Senator denied making the rema This system, with the addition of the Senate, the chancellor and the justices of the supreme court occasionally sitting as a court for the correction of errors, was retained with only slight changes until 1846. Revenue or appropriation bills originate in the House of Representatives, but may be amended by the Senate. The Academical Senate of a Czech public university is its self-governance representative body. 1832) of Texas, passed the House, and although withdrawn owing to amendments in the Republican Senate, it alarmed and exasperated the protected classes, among whom were many Democrats, and spurred them to extraordinary efforts to prevent his re-election. He hastened to propitiate the former by a donative of twice the usual amount, and excused his hasty acceptance of the throne to the senate by alleging the impatient zeal of the soldiers and the necessity of an imperator for the welfare of the state. His failure was consoled by elevation to the senate, of which body he became chancellor in September 1803. It comprises one-third of the representation in the House of Representatives, and perhaps a still larger proportion in the Senate. In the region of foreign affairs it was in communication with envoys abroad, and its orders would override those of the senate. sharptoothed 681996 Tom was elected to the Senate in 2008. All other officers and officials he appoints and promotes without the consent of the senate. To Cornell University, a non-sectarian institution opened at Ithaca in 1868, the state turned over the proceeds from the National land-grant act of 1862 on condition that it should admit free one student annually from each Assembly district, and in 1909 a still closer relation between this institution and the state was established by an act which makes, the governor, lieutenant-governor, speaker of the Assembly and commissioner of education ex-officio members of its board of trustees, and authorizes the governor with the approval of the Senate to appoint five other members, one each year. He realized the senate's ideal of the citizen ruler. 25 examples: In this sample, 65 elections were decided by majority votes in the state house and state senate, and 48 elections were decided in joint session. Justice is administered by courts of various grades, with a supreme court at Havana as the head; the members of this being appointed by the president and senate. The senate had decreed to Trajan as many triumphs as he chose to celebrate. The senate resolved to accept the President's proposals: 21. One of the chief objects of the emperors being to weaken the influence of the senate by the opposition of the equestrian order, the practice was adopted of elevating those equites who had reached a certain stage in their career to the rank of senator by adlectio. Article I, Section 3 of the Constitution specifies that The Vice President is the President of the Senate. He filled vacancies in the senate with men of low birth,, in some cases even the sons of freedmen (Diod. But here as elsewhere the senate asserted its authority over the magistrates, and the view was finally held that the senate should not only suggest the need of nomination but also the name of the nominee. In the Senate the Socialists numbered 68, as against 75 Bourgeois members (Czechoslovaks 103, Germans 37, Magyars 3). even after entry into the senate. June 11, 2018 The Academical Senate of a Czech public university is its self-governance representative body. Under the constitution of 1821 a great number of local officers were appointed by the governor with the advice and consent of the Senate. In 70, being expelled from the senate with a number of others for immorality, he joined Catiline. He died in 43 while on a mission from the senate to Antony at Mutina. To the senate belonged all questions relating to. He had lost his hold upon Pennsylvania and his support in the house, while a cabal in the senate, bitterly and personally hostile to the treasury, crippled the administration and reduced every government measure to mere inanity. He was a member of the National House of Repre - sentatives from 1823 to 1827 and of the Senate from 1827 to 1841. The senate had already chosen Sulla; but the tribune Publius Sulpicius Rufus moved that Marius should have the command. At the Riksdag assembled at Stockholm in 1697, the estates, jealous of the influence of the regents, offered full sovereignty to the young monarch, the senate acquiesced, and, after some hesitation, Charles at last declared that he could not resist the urgent appeal of his subjects and would take over the government of the realm "in God's name.". Cheney, present in his capacity as president of the Senate, applauded warmly. All Rights Reserved. Menu. He thus became a member of the senate for the rest of his life. Use ‘the Senate’ in a sentence | ‘the Senate’ example sentences 51- Would being vice president really be better than serving in the Senate? Further, as confederates of the senate and people of Rome, the Jews had received accession of territory, including the port of Joppa and, with other material privileges, the right of observing their religious customs not only in Palestine but also in Alexandria and elsewhere. He served two terms in the Ohio Senate (1900-4), and during the second was influential in securing Senator Foraker's reelection to the U.S. Senate. Lentulus played a prominent part in the recall of Cicero from exile, and although a temporary coolness seems to have arisen between them, Cicero speaks of him in most grateful terms. The legislative power is vested in a congress of two chambers - the senate, composed of 30 members (two from each province and two from the capital), elected by the provincial legislatures and by a special body of electors in the capital for a term of nine years; and the chamber of deputies, of 120 members (1906), elected for four years by direct vote of the people, one deputy for every 33,000 inhabitants. At the diet of Piotrkow, 1558-1559, the onslaught of the szlachta on the clergy was fiercer than ever, and they even demanded the exclusion of the bishops from the senate. 11 to no. Bills imposing taxation or appropriating revenue must not originate in the Senate, and neither taxation bills nor bills appropriating revenue for the annual service of the government may be amended in the Senate, but the Senate may return such bills to the House of Representatives with a request for their amendment. The educational institutions of the state are all under the management of a board of regents of five members, who are appointed by the governor, with the approval of the senate for terms of six years. solicitor-general of the republic. A senator must be at least 25 years of age. He served in the national House of Representatives as a Democrat from 1873 to 1892 and in the Senate from 1892 to 1899. Senate. In the partition of the government of the provinces of the Roman empire between the senate and the emperor, Africa fell to the senate, and was henceforth administered by a proconsul. He was a member of the New York assembly from January to April 1798, and in August of that year entered the state senate, serving until April 1802. During this period of diplomatic work he acquired an exceptional knowledge of the affairs of Europe, and in particular of Germany, and displayed great tact and temper in dealing with the Swedish senate, with Queen Ulrica, with the king of Denmark and Frederick William I. At the beginning of his year of office (Dec. 67) he succeeded in getting a law passed (de libertinorum suffragiis), which gave freedmen the privilege of voting together with those who had manumitted them, that is, in the same tribe as their patroni; this law, however, was almost immediately declared null and void by the senate. That the emperor had an honest and soldierly satisfaction in his own well-doing is clear; but if he had had anything like the vanity of a Domitian, the senate, ever eager to outrun a ruler's taste for flattery, would never have kept within such moderate bounds.