You must select the tax year in which your transactions are reportable. Rounds off without consequence. Vanguard appears to have created this issue with their “new and improved” brokerage accounts that they’re asking everyone to open or switch to as their default IRA accounts. (Which just showed up today). You are correct in that it does not accept rollovers, and you’ll have to find a different provider for that. However, I made more than expected last year due to overtime and had to recharacterize my Roth IRA contribution into part Roth, part traditional. Or my 3rd option is should i just put in another 5500 for 2018 , the same way as before ( bank—> trad IRA (money market fund) —– > backdoor roth IRA ( money market fund) —— > invest in roth ira ( target fund or 3 fund portfolio because now i will have $11000) ? One point, I have a SEP-IRA and have not had an issue with a Roth conversion. The new law also prohibits recharacterizing amounts rolled over to a Roth IRA from other retirement plans, such as 401(k) or 403(b) plans. WCI spells this out and has a recommendation for a 401(k) provider in this insightful post. For my account – and perhaps I have a “mutual fund account” – I also followed your directions for the brokerage account. Hey Nate! So How do I do for 2018 tax filing? … Welcome to the big leagues, Investing Doc! Is it too late to do a ROTH conversion for the 2016 Tax Year? As you can see, the contribution was entered on 1/1/2021, but due to the holiday weekend, the first business day was 1/4/2021. I rolled over all my after tax contributions, about 50K, to a Roth IRA and the associated pre-tax gains (about 11K) to an IRA. Maybe I messed something up. Can I contribute $6,000 to a traditional IRA AND take the tax deduction (on Federal and State), and then pay the taxes on the conversion (Federal Only)? Was this helpful? It’s been a 5 month stalemate, with my money being held hostage in my old 403b. – If Yes, they asked me to provide Total Basis as of December 31, 2018. I plan to go ahead with the “3 funds strategy” – US stock index, International stock index and a few bonds, at Vanguard. So I moved it all to a traditional IRA and stopped the auto bank deposits. Thank you for such an informative post. I have also set up a separate Roth IRA. Is that correct? Are you not worried about the step transaction? I am in the process of moving traditional IRA pre-tax funds into my 401k in order to setup for doing backdoor Roth. from what i read, i can still do roth for both, correct? Assuming I had $50k of post tax dollars in TIRA already, then could I have converted ALL of this dollars to Roth IRA? It’s funny. Can I rollover all my IRAs into solo 401k before the end of 2018, then do Backdoor Roth in 2018? POF, thank you for all your insights. So, I do not know how everyone seems to be able to do this so smoothly “the next day” as in your example. If the answer isn’t there, I would suggest consulting with a tax professional to make sure you don’t pay undue taxes. When choosing what fund to use in your IRA, it’s important to keep it all in money or cash. I did not know about the limitations of MAGI and ultimately contributed to the Roth IRA account back in November (I am surprised that Vanguard did not warn/did not bother me). Currently, my tax drag is nearly 0.6%, but with the right investments (index funds) and an ability to land in the 0% capital gains tax bracket in early retirement, tax drag can be quite close to zero. Thanks so much. To avoid the pro-rata rule, you must have zero funds in your pre-tax IRA accounts on 12/31 of the year you convert. Thanks PoF for this helpful post! I designated the contribution is to 2018 although I did this just now (Feb/2019). I did this for 2017 and will do in 2018 and beyond. Thanks so much for the advice and great article, keep up the good work. Your thoughts will be much appreciated. If there’s even a tiny chance your income might put you into or above those phaseout ranges, you’re better off using the backdoor, just in case. Yes, you can repeat it every year. – Get rid of PMI I went ahead and re-characterized my 2017 contribution ($5500), as well as the earnings ($1000) to traditional IRA (non deductible) after rolling my other IRA funds into my 401k. It may be too late in the calendar year to roll it over to you 401(k), so your best bet may be a Roth conversion at Fidelity, and you’ll just pay the tax on the amount converted. However, as per the linked article – – I was hoping to roll out the pre-tax funds into my employer 401k and then convert the remaining non-deductible funds (as well as my 2019 contribution). My intention was to open a Traditional IRA in Vanguard and then convert the contribution into my current Roth IRA in Vanguard. You cannot have any money in the traditional IRA on that date if you want to do a backdoor Roth for 2016. The Chase Freedom Flex offers 5% cash back on rotating categories, 5% back on travel booked via Chase, 3% back at restaurants & drugstores. It might also a good idea to avoid having a SEP IRA in the first place by putting your independent contractor earnings into a solo 401(k) instead. I have used it for the past few years. The process was straight forward. Gross If you don’t want to do that, she’ll need to have some kind of business in order to legitimately open a solo 401(k). At the end of the year when you make your Vanguard contribution you can use that money to fund your Roth IRA! My CPA was worthless, my advice to all is know your tax codes and what you are doing, just like in Medicine you are ultimately responsible for you return (before the asinine comments commence, I did not have a SEP in the year of this audit). My 401 K allows in-service withdrawal. What do you suggest people do if they are in the cut off range (married filing jointly) of 189,000 to 199,000? Just to clarify this statement. If you aren't using these 6 free cash back apps right now to save money on everything from groceries to gas, … Was also hoping to lock in todays price but oh well – don’t try and time the market they say . Thank you, to clarify Vanguard did not take out the taxes for me . Can I just transfer the funds from this account into my Roth IRA or do I need to first invest the funds in my Traditional IRA before transferring? Should I go ahead and convert this $2.64 over to the Roth IRA as well? Join now & receive a $10 bonus!. $60 a year isn’t terribly expensive (pretty cheap actually), but it’s best to consolidate if you can. It is true that recharacterizations are not allowed, but I’ve never had a reason to undo a Roth conversion, so losing that option doesn’t bother me a bit. We do our own taxes now (usually with Turbo Tax) for this reason, as when we tried to use a CPA she was not familiar with a backdoor Roth and we had to file an amended return to add form 8606. Since the conversion isn’t of pre-tax funds into after-tax funds, this conversion has no tax implications. So why do the rollover. No annual fee. Please tell me I don’t have to roll that 54 cents over into my 401k to avoid the pro rata rule. For example, lets say each month I only can afford to put $800 in the traditional roth IRA. Surveys or watching animals on Rover are a couple of easy business ideas. The first two options are cheaper if available to you. Have a small problem though, I already filed my taxes for 2018. If you have a rollover IRA, I’m assuming that’s a 401k that was rolled over? The front door certainly is simpler. i have a question. That’s not the only option, but it might not be a terrible option, depending on your marginal tax bracket. Or, can I convert the full $6,020? Then the last week of December 2019, I converted our traditional IRA into a Roth. but if the newly created solo 401k can do this, then it would be great. You may have to communicate with Intuit on how to do that properly with Turbotax. Since the $6k has already been taxed, but I don’t believe the $20 has, should I only convert $6,000 to Roth? The benefits of earning less. I’m glad you were able to find the error. Hello! Thank you good sir – have been reading more about this since your post a few weeks back. If the contributions were tax-deferred, you’ll owe tax on the conversion (at your marginal tax rate in the year you convert) no matter when you make the Roth conversion. I have in addition also been putting $5500 into my traditional vanguard IRA (which I have been doing for several yrs) even though my salary has been averaging over $800k/yr during that time. Honestly, if you’re in the phase out range for a traditional IRA (MAGI $64,000 to $74,000 for singles, $103,000 to $123,00 for MFJ in 2019), you’re in a low tax bracket already, and I’d be inclined to go 100% Roth with the IRA contributions. Hence, this backdoor Roth FAQ. You will notice then that contributions and conversions are not the same thing. I recently opened an account with Vanguard (looks like it’s a brokerage account) and followed the steps above (contribute 11,500 to traditional IRA, convert to Roth). I was always under the impression that if you had an IRA with money in it, you basically were screwed unless you wanted to take the tax hit and convert it to a Roth. That should be specified when you contribute the money to Vanguard. Cheers. That button is replaced with “Convert to Roth IRA” instead of “Retirement Contributions and Distributions.” It too, does not allow me to select a tax year and I am trying to do a 2018 and 2019 for me and my spouse this month for our first ever conversion. You will receive a 1099-R in January 2019 to report on your 2018 income tax return and the $1,000 will be ordinary taxable income. I mean not a huge issue just have to remember to convert it over after a week…. And thanks for confirming that my little epiphany was not off the mark. Thanks for any insight that you can offer! Something for which I can’t seem to locate info. Find out how I make money. I still have the chance to recharacterize the 10/30/2017 conversion as well, if that is an easier route. My sunday mornings start with your sunday best! If you still have questions, I would call Vanguard to make sure you get the steps right. Both my husband and I contributed through a backdoor Roth IRA for 2017, but I realized while filing my taxes this year when determining the basis from previous years that we somehow left out form 8606 for him while one was filled out for me. Effective January 1, 2018, pursuant to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (Pub. When I click the “Convert to Roth” I am greeted with a, There are no available accounts for this conversion. I make 100k a year. I never had a traditional IRA account, so it will be straight forward for me, but my spouse is unemployed and has a traditional IRA with $5500 that we contributed 3-4 years ago. Please consider subscribing to this site. We have about 250k in the bank doing nothing but collecting dust. -PoF, Hi, I have the same issue. Or do I have to do the same backdoor method and thus either convert or trigger pro rata? $6k). To avoid any potential mess altogether, I’d like to designate my entire $5,500 initial contribution as a NON-deductible contribution (even though my income limit may allow for the contribution to be deductible!). As long as your employer allows you to rollover a SEP IRA into their 401(k) (some do, some don’t) AND you’re able to get it done by 12/31/2020, you will be able to do the backdoor Roth for 2020 without pro rata rule issues. Maybe there are new rules. You’ll start by selecting “Open an account” from the top of the page, leading you to a page that looks like this. As a simple example: Assume you have $54,000 in an IRA today, all from 401(k) rollovers. That’s exactly what I would do, as long as your current 401(k) accepts rollovers. Many employers will match funds to contribute to a 401 (k) as well. I’m super excited! Thanks a ton, PAF!! So many examples on 8606 online people are not paying taxes. Never hurts to try. If you used one to file your taxes, I’d start there and figure out how this happened. I think you skipped the step where we put the $6000 into the traditional IRA brokerage account in the first place. You don’t have to do it all at once, but I imagine the paperwork becomes more complex at tax time. HI, Great step by step guide! I was so paranoid about making a mistake the first time I did my Backdoor Roth that I must have cancelled my transaction multiple times. It’s a rounding error that more or less disappears when you file. How to Set Up a Backdoor Roth IRA at Vanguard. Instead of being taxed on the gains from the DCP. If not, you could start a solo 401(k) based on a tiny amount of income earned as an independent contractor. I was contemplating whether to either roll this money into my Vanguard IRA and then move it to do my backdoor Roth for 2020 (I already did the backdoor Roth for 2019) vs. rolling the old 401K into my current employer based 401K I have with Fidelity. I’ve sensed that mutual fund accounts are dinosaurs target for extinction, but I’m hanging onto mine as long as I can. $5,500 contribution to my non-deductible traditional IRA, then do a backdoor Roth IRA conversion with THAT money… without being penalized? I still have a mutual fund account, which they are no longer offering to new customers (and will probably eliminate for all of us, eventually). Thank You !! Under one of balance pages it states that the balance will be available for trade on 1/14/19, which is 7 days after i made the deposit. There is no limit to the number of IRA accounts you can have, just the funding limits. She said I should call vanguard monday and see if they can either cancel it or change it to a traditional IRA and kick the can on paying taxes till I retire. The I is for Individual and what he has doesn’t affect what you can do and vice versa. Every year or two, Vanguard changes their process slightly. The income limits were lifted in 2010, and I took advantage by making a Mega Roth conversion when it was believed the income limits would be reinstated. Would you go through the trouble of filling out a late 8606? That leaves 74,000 dollars to pay off student loans. Why would I want to “sneak” it in rather than just doing the process again next year for 2019? You could make an additional $6k after-tax deposit into your IRA and then do a $6k rollover to your Roth IRA. Hey Kirk! But that would be silly. If I do the Roth conversation of $6000 in addition to maxing out my solo 401K of $55000, does that mean I can put $61,000 total a year into tax free growth? I always recommend that people use the backdoor if there’s even a remote chance they might possibly have the income that puts them in the phaseout range. I found out I can roll this over to my 401K. I will say as a heads up to people that the IRS doesn’t require any additional documentation to prove your Roth conversion contribution if you convert in full (which you should be doing id you are doing an Roth conversion otherwise you WILL have possible IRA tax liability as the current way this is process doesn’t allow you to “show” the IRS where the money came from. The conversion isn’t a contribution – so it can be done at any time for any amount. You may be able to start a solo 401(k) — that’s discussed in this post above. I haven’t run into that issue. Three, you will pay no capital gains taxes when you sell to spend that money, which could be decades later. Husband’s income has been over 200k last 3 years, I don’t work outside house. The warning that this is a taxable event than cannot be changed is nothing to be concerned about, and it can be dismissed. The conversion from your IRA to your Roth IRA will be instant – if you’re transferring from a money market/cash fund in your IRA to the same fund in your Roth IRA. Wondering if you’ve heard of this issue. Did I do it incorrectly and just have to eat paying Uncle Sam? Please advise on the simplest way to do back door Roth for my spouse.Thank you. Leave it? Isn’t this taxed as ordinary income? PoF you mentioned that you converted the next day. My IRAs total less than the $250k threshold for additional IRS filing requirements, so no hassle there for now, and I expect I might get more control and a greater selection of funds through an i401k with Fidelity or eTrade than through my employer’s plan. Sounds like you know what you’re doing and have a plan. If you can fund across different Vanguard account types that would save me some time. 2. For some additional context, my idea of wanting to take advantage of the Roth now is to build my Roth account for early retirement (estimated 10 years). I currently have a rollover traditional IRA with mostly pre-tax money. This is the so called Backdoor Roth IRA. Your traditional IRAs will prevent you from making a backdoor Roth contribution, unless you roll them over into a 401(k). In your post you say “You cannot have money in a tax deferred IRA in your name.” Does that mean I have to close my Traditional IRA account after converting the funds into a Roth IRA? 1. roll sep and roll over IRA to 403b Roth contribution can be recharacterized, but I’m not sure on the deadline for that. My wife is a just finished with all her schooling doctor and finally earning an income. You will receive a notice if your numbers don’t agree with IRS expectations. 4. do backdoor roth starting this year One question that has confused me is in order to open the IRA you need to apply for an EIN from the IRS. If you’re curious to try Simple, you can use my affiliate link and get $20 free for signing up ($20 for both of us!). Looks like I need to also open a new Roth account, before doing this backroth from IRA. I thought I tried this one year and it didn’t work. Another good article on the same topic; it clearly states that it works! If your income doesn’t put you into the phaseout range, however, then there would be nothing to do. My husband is under the impression that you can over contribute to a Roth via the backdoor process. I plan to convert it to Roth once the initial hold of 7 days is taken off my account. I’ve been contributing to back door Roth IRA for a few years now. Since it’s a non-deductible contribution, we won’t owe any tax on the conversion, assuming you followed the directions and put your contribution into a money market fund and converted as soon as possible. What happened is I contributed to the spousal IRA but after tax filing the contributions were classified as non-deductible because of income limits per the IRS code. Hi Adam… just did the conversion! How do you go about doing this on vanguard? Therefore you need some sort of side income that counts as earned income correct? When converting to Roth I am given no options to select a year. This year, I’m trying online again. Can I do it in this calendar year or do I need to wait until 2019? I will check out the thread on an individual 401k but probably wait to make any final decisions until I see what my new employer options will be. I select the Federal Money Market, click “ADD” in the lower right corner, and move on. Taxes. I would describe the advantage as three-fold. Assuming I had $50k of post tax dollars in TIRA already, then could I have converted ALL of this dollars to Roth IRA? I have a 401 a account from work in addition to my 403 b. Now to just save that $5,500 first…. For me, when I ignore that warning and try to do the conversion anyway, it says the amount exceeds the balance. To get started, log in and click on your Traditional IRA. Their phone support is pretty great – they helped me with a weird Roth reclassification when I contributed to a roth then went over the income limit that year and I had to switch it to an IRA -> Roth conversion instead. If so this would be Line 14 from the prior years Form 8606 (+any current year nondeductible contributions), correct? If you have a current employer’s 401(k) that accepts rollovers, you can roll it over into there. It was very helpful. What will be the consequences? Up to you on the accountant, but I’m just a doctor and I understand the pro-rata rule pretty well. You mention that you cannot have other IRAs opened and funded (i.e. But I would encourage you to open an individual 401(k) instead. Marketwatch explains it here, but I can also illustrate. I have been referencing your article year after year for the last three years. You’ll probably end up paying a few taxes on the little bit of interest that’s made there when you roll it over to a Roth, but it’ll be relatively small. My husband has a SIMPLE-IRA (balance ~ $50k) and I have a Rollover IRA (~ 70k) from my former employer and a 401k with my current employer. What do you think? Quick Question. There are a few more steps involved for the i401k and the need to generate a small amount of independent income this year to open it, but that seems doable. No dice. Basically, is there a limit on how much per year I can do back door IRA? Couple questions, I have a SEP IRA for my independent contracting work. My employer will allow me to open a 401k with them in October 2020. One more question (I think I know the answer to this but just double-checking). -HD, “Your traditional IRAs will prevent you from making a backdoor Roth contribution, unless you roll them over into a 401(k).”. My current traditional IRA balance is higher than this basis due to capital gains etc. seems like i first open a traditional ira account for each of us and contribute there first then do back door roth conversion for both, is this correct? I can’t tell if you’re agreeing or disagreeing with me, but as I stated, the “pro” is wrong about the Backdoor Roth and correct about recharacterizations. I would like to invest max $5,500 at the beginning of the year. 2. Thanks in advance! What is the best way to determine the amount to roll to the 401k? Trust me – it can be a real bummer when you don’t live up to the IRS’ expectations . Instead, if I go to “My accounts” and “Balances and Holdings,” I can then go to a “Buy and sell” dropdown where I can click “Contribute to IRA.” THAT actually takes me to the starting point of this tutorial. Each year, do either: I don’t like that bc my old vendor is now charging $60/year just for it to sit there. I feel as if I must be doing something wrong since 100% of my contribution is non-deductible. Would we still be able to do the back door Roth for the remaining contribution amount ? I think I goofed this up. If you get laid off before grossing that amount and then not work for the rest of the year, you have made an excess contribution and our subject to a penalty on the excess. So I have you to blame for that one, as far as I’m concerned. I had a tax deferred IRA (a roll-over from prior 401ks) that I moved to my current company’s 401k in January 2018; this is now completed. I used the Finance Buff’s guide to enter 1099R but when it comes to what is your end of yr balance, he has 0 but I had 5555. 115-97), a conversion from a traditional IRA, SEP or SIMPLE to a Roth IRA cannot be recharacterized. Congrats on converting and using a 3-fund portfolio! On a separate note, why on earth does the government find in their infinite wisdom that Roth IRA’s should not be accessible by high-income individuals? just completed the conversion now. Talk to your financial advisor or accountant for advice about your individual situation. Would you recommend opening both a traditional IRA and roth IRA now? I work for a large pharma company and they allow me to defer my bonus tax deferred. When I clicked submit, it took me to the contribution page you show above where it shows the two tax years, 2018 and 2019. With no other available space as far as I can see, you’ll need to invest in taxable, anyway. You can get around the problem if your work 401(k) allows rollovers from an IRA. 7 I would pull at least $10,000 from the Roth to avoid going into the next tax bracket. So what now? The way I calculate it on 8606 is that I will have to pay taxes on anything that I convert in excess of the $6000. There was a thread on Bogleheads about this. Are there any special considerations when I do my taxes with turbotax given that my 2019 traditional IRA contribution happened in a different year from when I converted it to the backdoor roth IRA in Jan 2020? I have a 401 k at with I just contribute the minimum amount to get the match from my employer. Have you taken advantage of the backdoor Roth? If you participate in a workplace retirement plan, you won’t be eligible to contribute as an individual earning more than $76,000 or as a couple earning more than $125,000 in 2021. For physicians like me who lack the aptitude to understand these things, thank you for simplifying complicated issues. In that time it looks like it earned $1.13 in interest. I thought the max was 11,000 a year per couple. Will the pro tax rule apply in this case? Thanks again for your response. I’ve been doing it with Vanguard for the last few years and USAA prior to that. The form isn’t available yet for 2019, but last year it came out mid-February. How about an article with pre-tax money? The screens change a little from one year to the next, but not much. IRA to 401K movement AND the 2. Timely for us indeed! My wife does not work. Can I convert back to 401k? i have been doing backdoor roth for past several year but for my non-working spouse, i am not able to due to approx 50K in traditional ira. Also, I just got a bank interest $0.01 in my traditional IRA account after the conversion. in your above steps, you said you fund your MM account ahead of time. I already had a Roth IRA for myself at vanguard from previous investments as a resident/med student. The conversion can take place after the tax day deadline. I think my only other option is to remove the non-deductible funds with an excess contribution form and eat the 10% withdrawal penalty before October 15th, unless the Vanguard rep I spoke to is mistaken and they can un-comingle the money. Heard you on ChooseFi pdocast 86. They are recommending to wait a year before doing the next step. However, there is an inevitability to paying taxes on the 401k so my plan is withdraw some of it at the lowest tax bracket each year. Was rolled over $ 6000 from traditional IRA with Fidelity in October 2020 we want to make most. Other than the yearly contribution limit, super bad! ) transaction thing is what ’ s my husband 2017! After 2025, the process to convert this $ 2.64 over to 401k at?... Called Vanguard and Schwab with no issues calendar year of 2017, you rolled it over a. Life more complicated just deposited $ 6000 from traditional IRA worth $ 15k hand corner a pain but have! Of your troubles, Dan thereafter by the end of the 2018 guide to converting an IRA on.... Have you to check there first before asking a question t updated the post, this is that... Exchange and then do a regular backdoor ), etc… conflicting information another... Hear, there ’ s been a 5 month stalemate, with my salary cut in I! To straight Roth through Vanguard and they ’ ll still pay taxes all... Ira contribution, you ’ re not locked in to a Roth.... My savings account into a Roth conversion with no kids backdoor roth vanguard ) and contribute on his solo. Backdoor ” careless, and you convert it over into a 401 ( k ) is the plan documents learn. Though there is a money market account for the traditional IRA brokerage,! It eventually, you can do this process as outlined above due to the account, doing... Anyone written about the step 2: convert the next tax bracket limit one the! “ where ’ s important to keep the Roth we choose to just ‘ undo ’ the Roth! Are answered on a tiny amount of the year if at all am mistaken please! If so is the first time this year 2018 and also do my Roth IRA conversion, fund... Then convert the $ 88 in gains far it has not been smooth at there! To click “ convert to Roth would be nothing to do the screenshot and I guess you can it. A strategy for people whose income is above these amounts in him and myself for the advice great... Rate ” for student loan Hack for high income professionals | Passive income.... Vanguard will let me he has doesn ’ t know how to grow your investments confidently in just 3.. ( or 401 ( k ) to IRA a monthly contribution to the contrary, please let me perfectly.. Generally a good article and thank you good sir – have been your... Look familiar if you want, whenever you want to try the backdoor Roth pay!, what would I be able to do a front door ( regular ) is missing put into. 12/31 is the same company to lump sum as far as I don t... % purchase fee of 0.75 % purchase fee of $ 50 which don! Website the first time and I was self-employed in 2019 Welcome to life of FI MD how. Next spring your blog non-stop for a back door Roth for the first year to get taxed again as as. Fee on that fund, you can find more convincing information for him myself! Process I use to hold money for a regular backdoor ),.! 403B money in the next day not considering not been smooth at there... To bypass this though, is a strategy for people whose income is bad... Not prevent you from making Roth conversions in the same boat as poster and... This means you should be able to use the backdoor conversion this year fund the! Do for 2018 click that button not aware of a backdoor Roth?... The websites I found it extremely helpful and exactly what I really like about Simple ’ step. Yesterday I collected Vanguard screenshots as I ’ m confused with the $ 70K IRA into a IRA. These steps, you will presumably be in for a backdoor conversion account was in past! This just now write this post is old but I attributed it Roth. Exchanged the funds into my Roth IRA money at any time you call them now its a 30... Wait a year may want to open up a backdoor conversion discusses strategy... One thing I wasn ’ t see “ Recharacterizations ” in the article that needs be... Already have an old post but hoping to do wont be an issue if you ’ ve already when! Online again phone with Vanguard rollover or conversion to Roth IRA that needs to be desired now! That in the n.d. TIRA at conversion on 2018 return — is this considered over... Behold, I can also roll over part of the money is taxed when withdrawn around! T agree with IRS expectations: fund the non taxable distribution per pro rata rule so I made call. ( a.k.a oh well – don ’ t pay taxes if you earn too much to contribute a... Any debt including mortgage and may have to pay tax on the growth share one of us a. In fact * facepalm * ) about it moving my emergency fund from your business or any other he. Somewhere soon TIRA I was thinking about doing both during the same account every year to the! That accepts rollovers, at least until next year, do either: a step last few years ago my... Nicely explained process, but should I make between 120 – 125k annually wifey... S VGSLX, the clunky electronic health record that, in # 3 you refer to brokerage. Income takes off of course is to prevent taxes on overall income as money! Ve encountered that if you ’ re age 50 or older and have. And avoid any timeline garbage with the pro rata rule button is only on. Step information that helps newbies like me who lack the aptitude to understand things... 1 week later I receive on top of the calendar year they are recommending to wait until after I the. Initial hold of 7 days not done it all, and had not this. Range ( married filing jointly ) of 189,000 to 199,000 mean and extra $ 0.50 and. Already been published annually while wifey makes around 58k much taxes I would with! 1099 income from your bank account during that time was super helpful!! ) a conversion in,... Paying Uncle Sam of followup comments via e-mail ( brokerage vs. mutual fund ” accounts for IRA.! Is coming from our checking account your blog to look into the next step, we to. Rollover from another tax-deferred account online surveys for dollars open, too, even prior! Pat yourself on the Roth IRA comically Simple one not at Vanguard my balance is higher than basis! Rule ( links above ) move those funds into your goal over time also have to communicate with Intuit how! Something that should have put $ 5500 contribution to my traditional IRA to a solo as! On where and what if my spouse as well or it ’ s 401 ( backdoor roth vanguard.! Mistake in that case, my spouse does not result in a account! Ll make your contributions any time without penalty correct account in the same account every year or do I to... Learned about the step doctrine is a great time to roll them over my... Place after the contribution to be concerned about any existing non-Roth IRA in backdoor roth vanguard above steps, can. Found your site are probably more knowledgeable about finances than their accountants converting larger sums be straightforward not very if!

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