Date D. Math Q5. False False C. True False D. False True. i) If the two values have different types they are equal. Which of the following statement is not true regarding JavaScript? OUTPUT. 7.22 The word top in the term top-down stepwise refinement refers to which of the following? When the switch statement is executed, the value of the expression is calculated and compared to the case labels, and looks for a case whose expressions produce the same value after evaluations (where the comparison is determined by the === operator). Answer: A Explanation: The strict comparison operator returns true only if the operand are of the same type and content matches. A. Predict the output of the following JavaScript code. NOTE: The Not equal to operator value can be written as a != 30 or a != "30", both gives the same result. none B . A . Which of the following statement is used to declare variable in JavaScript ? 8. return B . Looping statements includes the following statements: while, do/while, for and for/in. a) the first statement that appears in the script b) the first statement that appears in the algorithm c) the single statement that completely represents the script d) the entire algorithm Array C . Javascript is added between: a. A. interface B. throws C. program D. short. 8. exit C . Declaration Statement. HTML Code ... JavaScript conditional statements and loops [ 10 Exercises with Solution ] JavaScript array [ 13 Exercise with Solution ] A . Basic way of using Not … State whether the following statements are True or False for strict equality operator(= = =). as many as you like C . B. Executable Statement. Time B . Which of the following statements are false for Javascript? A . C. Conditional Statement. How many parameters can be passed to one function? True True B. ii) If both values are null or both values are undefined, they are equal. Ans: C Explanation: In JavaScript, interface, throws and short are reserved keywords. Jump statements are used to make the JavaScript interpreter … Output directly onto a web page from javascript is done using: a. Document.write() 26. View Answer (10)isNan function returns _____ if the argument is not a number otherwise it is _____ False/True False/False True / False True / True Answer:-True / False (11)Multiple variables can be created and initialized in a single JavaScript statement False True Answer:-True (12)Which of the following are not valid in JavaScript? D. JavaScript is object based language as it provides predefined objects. Executable single line of Script is called as _____. Which of the following is not a builtin Javascript object? Which of the following is not a suitable assignment statement? Alert command 24. 9. Most of the javascript control statements syntax is same as syntax of control statements in C language. continue D. break Q6. JavaScript MCQ : JS Statements (Multiple Choice Questions) Question 1. (a) JavaScript is a loosely typed language (b) JavaScript is an object-based language (c) JavaScript is event driven (d) A JavaScript embedded in an HTML document is compiled and executed by the client browser (e) JavaScript can not run in stand-alone mode (without a browser). a. In the above code snippet we have given same values to the variable a and to the not equal operator, so the result give 'false'. "My name is "Harry" " Every statement in javascript must be terminated with semicolon (;). What command skips the rest of a case statement? tags 25. A. Length*width=area 27. one for each argument D. one Q7. In javascript, output displayed in a popup box can be produced using the: a. An important part of JavaScript is … The following conditions are true : true && true (20 > 5) && (5 < 20) ... JavaScript Logical NOT operator (!) Not equal opeartor with same values. 10. Which of the following is not a reserved word in JavaScript? Options - Variable names are not case sensitive - Variable names must begin with a letter or the underscore character - Var is used to declare a variable - Both b and c above CORRECT ANSWER : Variable names are not case sensitive.