SLOW doesn’t affect Gara, so have Tina help heal and attack. This guy isn’t all that tough if you are a decent level (about level 10 should do). Gonta has some armor to sell now and you may want to purchase some METLARMR for your Aqutallions. : Nullifies terrain based damage from lava and snow. Return to the entrance, then swap to Aqutallion. You may want to have Tina cast FAST a few times to bolster her defense and increase her chances of taking her turn first, which is important when healing. Take the same path as you did earlier, but this time you can move forward. You’ll come to a large room containing three boxes that hold a LONGSWORD, IRIDIUM, and an ANTIDOTE. Just north of where you warp in, you will see three doorways, two of which are silver while the center one is gold. Make sure you get everything you need before talking to the mayor, because you won’t be able to enter Old Hill for a while afterwards. Buy a few. For those who wish to explore, it’s worth your time to check out the green roofed house in the southern end of the main district. Tina & Cody should spam ICE SLASH throughout the battle and Ray can just attack, since his weapon deals significant damage on its own. He’ll blast you with FREEZE 2 and SNOWSTORM, dealing roughly 10-35 damage to everyone with each spell. (You may want to spend some time fighting the Bolt Fish that inhabit this fiery lake, because they drop the DISCARMR, Leona’s second best weapon; while the DISCARMAR’s attack power may not seem all that impressive, it gets a bonus “rapid attack”) Take a few steps south, cross the grey stone bridge to the east, and enter the room to the north. You may want to buy a pair (or two) of WOODSHOES, a HAMMER for Ray and a HOLYCANE for Tina. Mirror: Level 1 puts up a shield that will reflect bolt, bomb, fire, and freeze. Enter the church in the center of town and you’ll see three snappy dressers, a priest (or nun, can’t really tell), and a girl laying on the floor. References and Acknowledgements- Links to various resources that I used as references for this walkthrough and a list of those to whom I owe a debt of gratitude for accompanying me on this journey. Say “yes” and he will join up. Another set of steps wait in the tiny room, go up and you will be back at the hub, but on the other side of the stream. Welcome to another bombed out town. For now you can heal your party fully by entering the stone building and standing on the star glyph in the center of the room. Grab the DISCARMAR and get on the nearby pad. The mysterious Bosen will pop up and tell you to go to Donto, so let’s get to it. Magic won’t work on him, but you can heal yourself, so do so when necessary. You can level these guys up wherever you like, but I recommend the Alpin Shrine, because the monsters give high exp. Tecmo Secret of the stars V.12 V.10 Created walkthrough V.11 Added 3 FAQs V.12 Added 5 FAQs V.121 Changed the email so people can contact me. Afterwards you will be transported to Old Hill. Gather Kustera and Aqutallion at Beegees and take the stairs in the southwestern house to enter a cave that leads to Ringo House. These special recruits perform useful services that will make your quest easier. Now take the bomb to northeastern wall with green houses behind it. Booth has a respectable Hit Point pool, which means this can turn into a protracted battle. You may also want to visit the item shop in the southwestern corner of town and talk to the man behind the counter who will explain the function of any item in your inventory…for free. You’ll come to a mountain with a hill just to the north of it. Step on the tile inside to be transported yet again. The following sections deal with some of the less self explanatory elements of this title. Leona can whittle away at the boss’s HP and maybe get a lucky critical in, especially if you debuff him with SLOW enough. Level 3 can put a group of foes to sleep. Push eastward then, south until you see more water and a chest that has ASPIRIN in it. Walk north and open the chest to get a CROWN. The hallway will turn south and you have to go through a second silver door. Once Tina is ready, return to Beegees. Gameplay is carried out as you walk from village to village, occasionally raiding a dungeon for a key item. Be patient when traversing this area, because it’s not as daunting as it appears. You can also give your Kustera more rare items like REDHOODS, but only if you are lucky enough to get enough of such items to equip Aqutallion first. If you enter the door north of the tile you’ll find yourself in a room that you can’t do much in right now. After getting Dan, find Shark in the house southwest of Bonzley. You may want to be at least level 22 before entering this place, which shouldn’t be a problem for Aqutallion, since they do the most dungeoneering. This is a long walk indeed. Return to the big house in the center of town and talk to the old guy again to get the RED ORB, an important item. Barrier: Protects caster from creation magic, such as “snowstorm” and “gas”. Go southwest to find another chest containing a MOON DROP. After his Beloved Peasant Village goes boom, he sets out to find the other four … Broken Moon: Or BRKNMOON in-game, this item will replenish a small amount of MP and can be used multiple times. Just keep climbing upwards and enter the next room. Cast FLY BY to get to Old Hill, then hop in the GYROCOPTER and fly east to a town surrounded by mountains. Go down the steps inside the ship to enter the world map. Talk to the guy in red to learn that one of HOMNCRUSE’S followers, Booth, needs killing. Continue through the corridor as it turns east and pick up the CROWN. (You may want to visit Old Hill and see what’s new since you’re in the neighborhood, but this is purely optional.) Now that you’ve explored Decatas, head up to the corrugated steel building in the north end of the main district and talk to Dr. Dynamite. Kustera Money Glitch This glitch is a bit harder to explain and it's not 100% known all the ways to do the glitch, but for speedrun purposes what we do works all the time. Some of the portions of this walk are optional, but only in the sense that you can put completing certain tasks off until later and I advise players to try to do the “optional” dungeons as soon as possible. After collecting them, warp out of this dungeon. Go east past the hill and you’ll see a patch of snow and a town. 12 reviews of Secret of the Stars Beauty Salon & Barbershop "I really like how they cut my hair. The building at the north end of town that resembles a silo is actually an overpriced inn. For starters, take the silver door to the west (walk up to it and push A it to go through it) and follow the hallway. Many of the town’s residents are in no condition to talk, but you can use the bed in the hospital and there’s a PLUM-PLUM in the house on the eastern end of town. This area is both unfamiliar and potentially dangerous. Open the switch to the north from the first silver door and have Aqutallion go east to the next gold door and hit the switch next to it. Enter the doorway and grab the RESTORE, then click the switch to lower the water level. If you buy anything from the armor shop, make it ANGLEHATS, they offer decent defence and increase your luck, which is a useful stat. Then select “combi” instead of “ok” after you have input everyone’s action for the turn. Hit A to open it and climb the steps. Don’t bother buying weapons, you’ll find better stuff in the castle. 1. Next, take the ladder in the northwest to get the SWIM-SUIT, a nice piece of armor, and then climb the ladder to the north. Follow the path and you’ll come to a chest with a BRKNMOON in it. Now it’s time to put those orbs to use. All these stairs may appear daunting, but Brisben is relatively simple if you know where to go. Level 2 will reduce damage from “creation” spells to caster (IE create snowstorm, blow gas), level 3 shields entire party from creation spells. Open the chests to get a BARRIER, FIRECANE, and the ELEDIUM. The drop lists/descriptions regarding spells and items are purposely kept brief, because they are intended for use as a convenient resource. Have everyone else use a MIRROR item aside from Leona who can cast MIRROR 1 on the next turn. Cody will become human again and join you. Only his creation spells (ex. As usual have Tina cast FAST 3 frequently and have Tina cast MIRROR 1 right away, which seems to deter Booth from casting his BOMB spell (don’t count on it though). Have Leona cast MIRROR 1 & 3 and Tina cast FAST 3 throughout the battle if she isn’t healing. Visit the house in the southeast and check the pot to the left for 500g; the man in this house will tell you Garados is hiding out in a mine to the west…, Preparation: This place is home to some tougher monsters. Talk to Kaja and he’ll give you 2000g and move out of your way. Go back to Likado and have David buy a few antidotes. Garados waits here. This area is not difficult, but the pits and teleport pads can make it confusing. Your heroes will receive the MOUSTACHE upon slaying Sidon. Talk to Morgan the digger twice and give him 100g to dig a hole into Decatas. This dungeon is rather nonlinear and difficult to break into sections as a result. Go south from the steps, then take the eastern path at the fork. If you think you are an expert then please try to help others with their questions. It’s also advisable to have both David and Ryu at around level eight before entering. Give dynamite the GOLDNAILS and he’ll tell you that the ships just east of town are complete. You will not get far before the guards decide to take you to the ruler of Amaboss who will ask if you are male. 1. Landmine also provided me with expert advice regarding many facets of this game’s inner workings. This area is segmented by the many lakes and streams that run through it. The actual plot mostly involves fetch quests or dungeon crawls to get to bosses leading to another fetch quest. This part of the game is a bit cryptic. You’ll see a slew of NPCs inside, but you can only talk to a few of them. Wednesday, January 20 ... Ryu Of Kustera. Flick the switch next to the door and head back to the entrance. Next go north and cross the second bridge to reach the exit. You will see the usual green and yellow barriers. Once you are done exploring, pay a visit to the big tent, but be sure to pick some GLOVES up from the weapon store first. That’s it for Kustera, so switch to Aqutallion. Teleports party to a previously visited town. 5. Go up the stairs to the north and grab the HARDSUIT, then return to the first floor. Garados is pretty nasty. Level 3 can put a group of foes to sleep. There is a lady who will tell you Brasca is to the south if you talk to her with Aqutallion. Secret of the Stars Map Download: TSotSmaps.7z. Follow it east, then north to find a RESTORE, then head back to the pool and take the southern path. If you SLOW him enough or happen to be a high level, you can heal when you’re below 50% HP. Ray will find himself alone. Recommended Purchases: You can skip most of the stuff sold here, especially the armor, because better gear can be found in the next town. Using magic is fairly simple in this game. and a list of those to whom I owe a debt of gratitude for accompanying me on this journey. Upon leaving Sonya’s house, you’ll find yourself on Heart Island. Next climb the steps to the north to get to the third floor. Jump down the hole to the west, step on the pad next to you and then fall down another hole that is on the western end of the room. 4. Attack him with FIRE 2 and FREEZE 2, you may also want to cast SLOW on him. Washington, USA slimehunter slimehunter 10 Feb 2019, 23:34: Just curious if anyone knows who originally found this bug where you can exploit the engine to get a ton of money using the Kustera switch glitch? Have Ray, Cody, and Dan put on the BUNNYSUITS before you talk to the guards and they will let you in. *I don’t recommend buying any of the gear here at the moment, but you may want the GAS MASKS for the fight with Clarken. You should have no problem if your average party level is 16 or greater. Leona has nothing to fear if she possesses the mighty DISCARMAR. To the west is a bed you can sleep in. Mirror: Places a magical field around the target that reflects incoming spells back at the caster. From here you can either set out to fight the Ringo Brothers or visit the Star Shrine to the north of Beegees for an optional dungeon with Kustera. You can only go east at first, then proceed north until you get to a ladder. Next climb the ladder to the north and enter the cave opening in the north wall. There is a person inside Decatas' Government building that, if you talk to them with the Kustera party, will allow you to bribe him to remove the guards stationed at the town's entrance. If you encounter a useable item and do not know its purpose, you can always have it appraised in Decatas. : Drains MP from monsters. Secret of the Stars Map Download: TSotSmaps.7z. Hit A to deactivate the barrier and head northeast to find a chest containing 500g, then head northwest to find a chest that holds a RESTORE. You can also download a zip file containing both maps for your convenience by clicking the download link under the images. Higher spell levels increase success rate. Check the chest of drawers in the northeastern house to get an IRONSUIT. The enemies deal respectable damage and some, like the ghost, cast VANISH 2 which can kill party members instantly. Watch out for the monsters around here, they like to spam STORM 2  and can be quite deadly. Take Aqutallion there and prepare Ray for his trial. Go down the hatch in the northeastern corner of the room. Follow the path and pass through two more gold doors. There’s not much else to be said, just keep everyone’s  HP up and this battle will go fine. I'm not asking how to switch between the Kustera and Aqutallion parties. Bash her enough and you will emerge victorious. Enter the building and talk to the flame to initiate a boss fight. Below are various lists designed to act as an easy reference guide. Do not enter, it will just take you back to an area you explored already. Go through the door to the west to get the BOLTSWRD. Slow: Decreases target’s defense and speed. This is a simple walkthrough of Secret of the stars, That I tried to make from memory. The northeastern house has 200g sitting in a pot, the southeastern house is an armor shop*, the southwestern building is an inn/item shop, and Uncle Save along with a MAGBRANCH are in the northwestern building. Cure-A: Level 1 cures poison, Level 2 cures illness, Level 3 cures mute. Enter the room to move on. Ray (or whatever you named the main character) wakes up here and can return to use the bed to heal up when needed. Kustera need only be around level 25 (you can go lower, but it’s a gamble, since you will have to run from everything) and Aqutallion should be upwards of level 33. Links to various resources that I used as references for this walkthrough. If you know cheat codes, secrets, hints, glitches or other level guides for this game that can help others leveling up, then please Submit your Cheats and share your insights and experience with other gamers. Physical attacks work well on Sidon, especially if you have Ben or Tina debuff him a bit with SLOW. Go east and enter the door, climb up to floor 6, go outside and enter the western tower. Hmmmm…guess it’s time to visit Kaja! The equipment shop offers a variety of weapons and armor, but it’s best to just buy a SHORT SWORD and maybe a HARDSUIT. David of Kustera waits in the southeastern house and you can talk to him to get some background. Talk to the man in black and a fight will commence. The upper continent wraps around the world, so walk east from Elekees until you reach a maze-like land formation. Walk south and hug the eastern coast. Head south and climb the steps to get to floor two, then go up the steps to F1 and grab 5000g from the box. You may want to give Cody the ICESWRD so he and Tina can cast ICE SLASH. Enter it to move on. Now exit the building and cross the now closed bridge. The result was Secret of the Stars, a Dragon Quest clone with a by-the-numbers plotline. Undead can also Daze or Mute party members, so be ready to cast the appropriate CURE spell. Heal: Restores HP, learned at low levels. The farmer will give you some more Plum-Plum if you say “yes” when he asks you a question. You’ll see Badbad sitting on a throne by a bed. There’s a small indentation in the bottom of the falls, push against it and your ship will ascend the waterfall. Preparation: Have Ray equipped with the best gear possible and be levelled to at least 23 to ensure that the coming battle goes smoothly. Visit the weapon shop and pick up some SPEARS or a VULCANGUN if you don’t have anything better. Follow the path from Pad 8 and go up the steps to leave this floor.