Ask students to share a special memory they have of school. Here's how you can easily extract only those pages you need. Visit Us . and then press the print button. By Andrea Moran and Laura Short | March 13, 2020. You can download this activity (ready for Google Slides) for FREE by clicking the picture below. LOL! I'll be posting one literacy and one numeracy activity each day, keeping in mind that religion may also fall under literacy. Instructional Links. KA - Ms. Wong Email Mrs. White; KB - Mrs. Vanderhider Email Mrs. Traina Kindergarten Distance Learning KA/KB. It's very helpful! Subjects: Religion. Our students all have unique interests and being at home is a perfect time for them to dig deep into those interests. I hope this list can save you time lesson planning or give you inspiration when you feel like you've hit a wall. Embrace the unique nature of what learning at home can be and reinforce that they are learning all the time. }, How I write Kindergarten Report Cards (Communication of Learning), Using Google Slides in Kindergarten for Distance Learning, (My colleague, Mrs. De Franco, made this virtual field trip for Google Slides). I record the video (using the camera function on the iPad), upload it to Google Drive and then attach it directly onto Google Classroom. You can find all of these coin activities in my, Fine motor game - "Piggy Bank Minute to Win It!". Week 1 Documents; Week 2 Documents; Week 3 Documents; Week 4 Documents; Week 5 Documents; Week 6 Documents ; Links for Lessons. Use Google Drive to upload your videos and share them with students. Students are then encouraged to use materials they have at home to support the lesson. As kindergarten teachers, we do our best to plan lessons, activities, and tasks that help our students learn. I've also asked students to use a class favourite.... TUESDAY -> We wanted to find a way to connect with the students so each week, one of the Kindergarten educators will video tape herself reading their favourite children's book! As kindergarten teachers, we do our best to plan lessons, activities, and tasks that help our students learn. Our students received their Flat Teachers this week! I love to hear comments and questions. We learned how to use money to pay for items when we go shopping! I've had lots of teachers reach out and ask me about how I'm going about teaching and delivering lessons/activities starting next week so I thought I would answer them below. Kindergarten Distance Learning Supply List ; If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document. You click on a bird and it takes you to another slide giving you information! and explain how to play). PDF (3.47 MB) Add to cart. Maybe they've helped cook this week, made a playdough sculpture, learned about dinosaurs, watched a Bug Wars video and learned about the raspy-bulldog cricket's mandibles, or helped do a family puzzle. WEDNESDAY -> Outdoor Exploration Day! Thank you so much for sharing this! ), Move, dance or sing along with an educational video, word work lesson on a whiteboard or with manipulative letters. Almost all publications have copyright restrictions in place and you must respect and abide by the terms of use. I'll be posting the template here soon as a free download :). There are lots of terms people are describing the current situation, such as Distance Learning, eLearning, Online Learning, etc. I created this poem on Google Slides and students can move words from the bottom into it! Thanks for sharing. Assign your students to help with a chore around the house and document it. So, host a Google Hangout Meet or Zoom conference time so everyone can check in via video chat every once in a while. Chino Valley Unified School District. From speaking with some colleagues, I know we are trying to keep things "routine" as much as possible. Fax: Site Map Back To Top Staff Email Contact Us! I also scheduled it to post Monday morning (so if you are super organized and have your week planned out, you may like that option!). and suggest questions or activities for parents to do with their children. MONDAY -> We thought of starting the week with a 2-3 min. While doing this over the internet definitely looks different for distance learning or remote learning - the nature of what we are doing is really still the same. Your email address will not be published. Kindergarten Team ; Distance Learning Materials; Distance Learning PE, Music, Art ; Distance Learning Counseling Lessons/Information; Instructional Materials - Week 1 . We are going on a virtual field trip around our community! Visit Us. Assign no work and give everyone the much-needed pressure release of filling the gap while away from school. Your lessons may be guiding the students to a wonderful song, story or online resource! We were told to plan for Literacy, Math and Religion (teaching in a Catholic School) with enough substance (lessons and independent work) for students equivalent to 5 hours total for the week. Packet #6: 4-27-20 Download. I put a heavy flashlight on it so it doesn't fall when recording. We also showed our students many different Canadian symbols and had them write the various animals! If parents need to reach us, they can e-mail us and we will get back to them as soon as we can. Distance Learning Resources for All Students. Kindergarten Distance Learning. Using Google Slides in Kindergarten for Distance Learning I thought I was tech savvy before all of this quarantine and distance learning happened. Thanks!! Lots of clickable links and activities. I think this was the number one question I had this week! Religious Education. As an educator, there is new technology to learn, and how do you even teach your students over video? We learned how to read digital time and show it using an analog clock! Then we had students set up their own store at home! For Literacy (Monday) I added only the page of the poem we chose, the Choral Reading Fluency Cards, and the Poem of the Week info page for parents. Hold tight to the beauty in teaching kindergarten so they will love it and you will too. We are asking to submit a photo (or drawing) of the best thing that the student did with their family during the week. As you can see from above, our K team has structured the week as similar as possible to our school day! Share in the memories and reconnect even though everyone is far apart. Tweet Resources. Kindergarten Distance Learning Schedule Monday 11/23 Tuesday 12/1 Wednesday 12/2 Thursday 12/3 Friday 12/4 7:30 AM Previous Day's Work Submission Deadline (If applicable) Previous Day's Work Submission Deadline Previous Day's Work Submission Deadline Previous Day's Work Submission Deadline Previous Day's Work Submission Deadline 7:50 AM Morning Announcements Zoom 8:00 AM … They can write their responses on a piece of paper or download the PDF, print and write directly on it. Religion is one of the most powerful pieces of the human experience. We went on a virtual field trip to the Bird Kingdom! What happens? Meaning that certain activities, such as our Poem of the Week on Mondays, will continue online. Here's a breakdown of how I'm planning for the week: *Although many activities may have a Black Line Master (BLM) printable template assigned, it is not necessary to print that attachment. counting, sorting socks, making a graph/survey, building and documenting work, finding 2D and 3D shapes around house, etc.). I created a new "assignment" -> 1 for Literacy and 1 for Math each day (choose however many assignments you would like to create), I like to name each assignment with the Topic and date -> for example, tomorrow's literacy assignment will be posted under "Literacy -> Monday, April 6", math -> "Math -> Monday, April 6". K-1 Home Learning Opportunities for ELA - March 16-April 3. Here are a few, fun ideas. Site Map Back To Top Notice of Nondiscrimination FACILITY USE FORM CANVAS. Using a web page to "unlock" a file is illegal under copyright terms. We know that a lot of teachers and families are looking for free educational resources for distance learning. by . Spanaway, WA 98387. We do this naturally in the classroom, so why not extend it into a set of eLearning lesson plans too? Nov 29, 2019 - Early Childhood Religion ideas. Kindergarten Distance Learning; Kindergarten. Click here to access Google Classroom. How long is a minute? The EA that works with me, Mrs. Chiovitti, suggested that I take an iPad and have it on the edge of a table (kitchen table, coffee table) with camera sticking out. English Program Curriculum Guides. It is awesome! St. Timothy's School 215 Division Street E Maple Lake, MN 55358 320-963-3417 Welcome to Kindergarten 2020-2021. Hewlett, NY 11557. Chino Hills, CA 91709 (909) 591-1336. Any suggestions on what you are doing would be great! $9.00. Miss Cat's Classroom. And if you need a kindergarten-friendly way to share lesson plans, then check out my free, easy-to-navigate eLearning template for kindergarten. Get outside and search for items in your front/backyard! MONDAY -> We always start the week with a "Poem of the Week". I may also just provide a simple attachment (such as a poem, picture, etc.) The Phys. Students were encouraged to build their own clocks using rocks and other items around their house! Corsicana ISD (CISD) does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, or disability in providing education services, activities, and programs, including vocational programs, in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended; Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972; and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended. $2.40. A resource doesn't have to be marked as "digital" to be used online. Have we met yet? We made it! Almost all of the activities and worksheets I use are PDF! I mean - so huge. I did a 2 minute math lesson introducing 3D shapes! I like to start with a "lesson" or directions to give to the students in that subject area. See more ideas about Sunday school crafts, Religion idea, Church crafts. 22015 22nd Avenue East. The School Board of the City of Manassas does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, religion, disabilities, or national origin in employment or in its educational programs and activities. Leslie is the teacher behind KindergartenWorks. So how am I planning for next week and beyond? That's exactly what I need! $3.00. See below for more details. (itinerant) teacher also made one for herself. I drafted a Week-at-a-Glance template which is editable if you wish to use it to plan ahead. The activities on these pages include crafts, worksheets, prayer ideas, and more. Thank you for visiting my site today. Our itinerant teacher, who teaches Health and Phys. “If we don’t die of corona, we’ll die of distance learning … Please. Teach parents and kinders how to login to any external websites or apps you may be using (, Seesaw, etc.). Instructional Materials - Week 6. Phone: 253.800.7900. Hi! I came across your website and I am so grateful that I did. What can you do in one minute? 1 Kindergarten Literacy Morning Work YEAR LONG BUNDLE Distance Learning. As I mentioned above, lessons can be done in a number of ways! There's sooooo much to learn out there! Go for a theme! It seems like he/she is not very interested in learning about mountains and bodies of water. A PDF document can be viewed on almost every device. Religious education crosses all seven of the learning areas described in the Kindergarten Program Statement .In God’s Image, the Kindergarten religion program, consists of 8 modules containing 33 themes that can be sequenced by the teacher to best respond … While doing this over the internet definitely looks different for distance learning or remote learning - the nature of what we are doing is really still the same. ), sorting items (i.e., socks), creating different patterns, surveying your family (use Facetime to reach more people! What is something they really enjoyed this year? _____ struggled in the distance learning environment but tried hard and did his/her best to engage and be part of the discussions and activities. Ms. Wong & Mrs. Vanderhider. Your students want to see you! I love your stuff!How do you deal, or what do you recommend for students who do not have internet access? And if you have a routine it will also help students and parents know what to expect. So here is a list of things kindergartners can do almost independently online. This is a first for many of us so there are really no 'right' or 'wrong' ways of doing things. Get outside! ), etc. But don't forget that you can create your own videos and share them with your class if you can't quite find the right content online. We are introducing the words, We had the students play this fun flip a coin probability game - it's included in my. Religious Education. They also matched the time to the correct hour and half hour using Google Slides. Ohhh that's a tough one! Curriculum. I would say 2-3 minutes is great! Learn to organize, think and teach kindergarten in smart ways. Foot off the gas. Given these extreme circumstances, many authors have changed their TOU (Terms of Understanding) so you may want to check with them first before using their resources. We will also be posting our favourite photo of us with our families from the week! At our last Zoom meeting, she reflected on how distance learning has helped her become a better teacher. We created a special End of Year Memory Book (Google Slides) for our class! Anything longer than that is difficult to upload. Students can create this fun rainbow name activity using words to describe themselves! This is my first year teaching kindergarten. DISTANCE LEARNING: Kindergarten - Catholic Education Week Igniting HOPE! English Language Development Learning Packet April 6-May 1 1st Grade English Language Development Packet . 28 Learning Activities & Lesson Plans for Students’ Distance Learning at Home. Instead of setting aside a couple of set hours/days to conference, we felt it was important for parents to work with their child on the assignments whenever they can. Find It Fast. Remember that these types of lessons are quick, simple and to the point. Here's our Father's Day craft (it's the same layout as the Mother's Day one). Students used Google Slides to build a clock! You should read the fine print and if you are unsure of something, reach out to the author and ask. I set up my materials, or book to do a read-aloud, underneath and this leaves my hands free to move things around while talking. Winter Kindergarten Pack, No Prep, CCSS Aligned. Kindergarten - Social Studies Comments. If you like what I do here on KindergartenWorks, then be sure to subscribe today. I won't be doing this daily (maybe 1-2 times per week) but it's certainly a great way to connect with your students. This was asked of all teachers, so yes, we will be conferencing with parents. 1. Or they can think of their own and type them in! I wonder how many places I will go? Here I'll be posting links to fun provocations, simple science experiments, online songs/videos/colouring sheets, etc. ►. FRIDAY -> "Math Game Friday" - create a math game using materials you have at home! An example has been included below. teacher video explaining the focus in math for the week (i.e., Next week I'll be focusing on 3D figures). I used this template if you'd like to check it out. I created various Topics (or sections) -> Language, Math, Religion, Try This..., and Health/Phys. _____ was proactive and took initiative to reach out and ask for help when necessary, both academically and with technology and distance learning problems. Don't jump right into a full day of lessons - simply focus on a tutorial or two - or even a "how-to" video to help everyone settle into the new routine. They have traded in a brightly-colored classroom for a computer screen as a platform to interact with their teacher and classmates. The Coronavirus pandemic has forced all teachers to get creative and develop new platforms to bring education to their students. All four teachers will be using Google Classroom to deliver their digital content. Students are encouraged to take a picture/draw about their favourite thing they did with their families this week! *Just remember that you can share these resources to your students using a. I set up 4 "Topics" or sections to keep myself organized!