Kota's lightsaber was a heavy-duty model, with a solid hilt and an emitter shroud. The producers called the game, i.e. Das heißt, Fandom verdient eine Provision, wenn ihr über einen dieser Links etwas kauft. A contest Filoni referred to as-, "They are not going to be able to defeat Darth Vader. Kanan should be superior physically, due to being much younger, and being capable of knocking out armored Stormtroopers. Galen enters oneness to redirect the Destroyer..... partially. As for the general old EU comparison, yes there are few exceptions for other video games, old clone wars series etc. Maul's role being a Sith Master to Ezra is similar to Vader to Starkiller, except their respective apprentices' role on finding the master from the other side of force is opposite. In the universe he lasted so long because Sidious was toying. He became a Jedi Knight on Lothal and continued to serve the rebellion until his death while saving Hera Syndulla from captivity from the Galactic Empire. Falon Grey wurde schon früh von den Jedi entdeckt und aufgezogen. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. In sabers, Kanan easily loses to GI, Seventh Sister, and kinda stalemates FB. Vader wanted the Rebels escape, not Kanan and Ezra specifically, on the contrary he wanted the kill the Jedi if he could. He also could have easily stopped them from leaving. TL:DR Kota wins 7-8/10 if you don't like Kanan, If you wanna highball Kanan and lowball Kota a bit then it becomes 6-7.5/10 for Kota. It is canon, lmao. On the other hand, Kanan was a temple guard, and did not see much action for most of his career--he was also much younger and had less fighting experience than Kota. You want to dismiss it that's fine. Kota was dealing with Starkiller until a Force vision interrupted him. Born on the war-torn world of Eridanus II, Kota fought in the trenches during the planet's internal conflicts from the age of ten. Rahm Kota (33) Juno Eclipse (17) Galen Marek (14) Ahsoka Tano (11) Obi-Wan Kenobi (9) Anakin Skywalker | Darth Vader (8) Galen Marek | Starkiller (8) Darth Vader (7) Mace Windu (7) Leia Organa (7) Include Relationships Juno Eclipse/Galen Marek (14) Padmé Amidala/Anakin Skywalker (2) Leia Organa/Han Solo (2) Kanan Jarrus/Hera Syndulla (2) You can try to comprehend this properly: You only accept feats/sources when they suit you. You can find more information here! There's also no telling where they'll go with Ezra, and I also think for him to be something of a secret apprentice akin to Starkiller is also not as bugnuts when you consider the current path. In his continuity, Kota was a practitioner of Form VII which focused on overwhelming his foe through sheer aggression and blade work. From 1:53 onward, Kanan is repeatedly shown making the 5th Brother stumble with his strikes, until Ezra is the one who initiates the retreat (again, because Ezra is outmatched in this encounter). In the season two finale, "Twilight of the Apprentice", Kanan becomes permanently blind by a light-saber by Darth Maul. Even with Kanan dropped to the ground at the edge of a cliff, however, Kanan is able to stagger the 5th Brother with a single swing of his lightsaber at 1:41. the game mechanics exaggerated. '', ''Sean Williams - Based on a story by Haden Blackman (TFU video game designer / director)''. Leia said heavily, "Yes we have though the answers often lead to more questions." Best he does is nudge their flight paths so they collide with some towers. Kanan has several similarities to Rahm Kota from the Legends game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed: ... effectively rendering Kanan as the new canon counterpart to Kota . Cabota explains. He became a Jedi Knight on Lothal and continued to serve the rebellion until his death while saving Hera Syndulla from captivity from the Galactic Empire. Despite TFU being exaggerated, said exaggeration gets too overblown at times. So it makes no difference. The easiest way to explain it is, our heroes are like level five characters and Vader’s level 50. He held his own against a former Temple Guard, though. Another long pause followed before the Emperor said rather contemplatively, "It is a strange thing. @erkan12: Based on the story of the game. Good fight, but I would say Rahm Kota takes it. Kanan Jarrus, once the Jedi Padawan Caleb Dume, was struck blind by Darth Maul on the planet Malachor V and was afterwards very morose and withdrawn from his fellow rebels, his virtual family. He's matched Galen in sabers and force (even novel and comic Galen makes this more impressive than anything Kanan has done), mastered Juyo, has insane endurance etc etc. Galen doesn't fight the Emperor. Sure, his Force Defenses were broken by FB, he was gripped... but FB sucks with a lightsaber, not with the Force. He was a Padawan. On Twitter, Pablo Hidalgo, a creative executive for story development at Lucasfilm, stated that Rahm Kota and Kanan Jarrus are not the same person. Kanan may put up a good lightsaber defence, but Rahm's strength could give him the edge in a close-quarters encounter, allowing him to break through Kanan's guard. I never did. Good fight, but I would say Rahm Kota takes it. The novel and comic are actually quite different in terms of how they interpret the events. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. And she floors him. ....Eh I was talking about the new canon consistency. I detta avsnitt så pratar Frank Ludwig likheter mellan Kanan Jarrus och Rahm Kota. He held his own against Starkiller, the personal apprentice of Darth Vader, and was a Jedi Master. Kanan run - closed. MAJOR SPOILERS for Star Wars Rebels Season 4 ahead!. [Laughs] It’s not going to take much for him to do them in.". By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. He has long hair in a pony tail, a long face, and becomes blind after a lightsaber from Starkiler’s lightsaber. I am not going to accept any Force feats from TFU. While he was screwing around. , but usually they are not overrating the Force usage as TFU does. He was only fourteen when the Galactic Empire was formed following the Execution of Order 66. Kanan Jarrus is a character from Star Wars. TCW novels. He is featured as one of the main characters in the animated series Star Wars Rebels and related works. But the novel and comic are canon in Legends. You're making things up, which source states that Vader toyed with Kanan and Ezra ? I'm really torn as to who would win this. This is a nod to The Tale of Zatoichi (1962), about the blind mercenary swordsman Zatoichi (Shintaro Katsu), and Rahm Kota, a Jedi blinded by Darth Vader's apprentice Starkiller in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (2008). Rahm Kota is an old Jedi Master who survived Order 66 and is heavily featured in the Force Unleashed videogames. '', --- http://www.starwars.com/tv-shows/star-wars-rebels/the-siege-of-lothal-episode-gallery. I doubt it. Also, about half the stuff I listed there. In the season two finale, "Twilight of the Apprentice", Kanan becomes permanently blind by a light-saber by Darth Maul. Heck most of the stuff he does in the novel is below that. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. As he was integrated into the Jedi Order at a very young age, he would never know his parents, for he went straight from his homeworld to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, where he would be raised as a Jedi.As a youngling, Dume met Jedi Master Luminara Unduli once, remembering her as \"brave, co… You must face a true Jedi Master-- A member of the Jedi Council. Does this look like a Sith Lord who is trying? Kanan fights like a standard Soresu practitioner, trying to put up stonewall defenses while countering whenever an opening is noticed. '', ''Kanan recovers in time to stop the Sith, however. [SPOILERS] Kanan Jarrus and Rahm Kota. That would be out of Vader's character. Freddie Prinze Jr shares the story of how his Star Wars Rebels character Kanan Jarrus wound up doing a cameo in The Rise of Skywalker Genau wie in der animierten TV-Serie Star Wars Rebels. The only thing they do prove is that Vader can kill them while toying anyway. Er wurde von Rahm Kota unterwiesen.