Ngawa Kirti monastery is one of the largest monasteries in Amdo and housing to over 1000 monks. This secular form of government went as far as Machu. Some areas were reported virtually empty of men: They either had been killed or imprisoned or had fled. Tour Name: Tibetan New Year Losar & Monlam Festival in Amdo 2020 Tour Code: M82D755 Duration: 10 Days & 9 Nights Destination: Xining, Tongren, Xiahe, Lanzhou Features: Losar, or better known as the Tibetan New Year, is the most important festival in the Tibetan calendar.On the Tibetan New Year's Day, each home will open its door with prayers and fetch the first bucket of water of the year. Tibetan Muslims, also known as the Kachee (Tibetan: ཁ་ཆེ་, Wylie: kha-che; also spelled Kache), form a small minority in Tibet.Despite being Muslim, they are officially recognized as Tibetans by the government of the People's Republic of China, unlike the Hui Muslims, who are separately recognized. Feb 4th Day 6: Labrang monastery –Taktsang Lhamo (Ch Langmusi) 220kms / 3hrs, Visit the markets and Tibetan quarters. The boundary of Xining Prefecture and Xizang, or central Tibet, was the Dangla Mountains. There are many dialects of the Tibetan language spoken in Amdo due to the geographical isolation of many groups. The chapters are short, concise and dense with information. [37] His forces were praised by foreigners who traveled through Qinghai for their fighting abilities. Book Now! Everybody there including tourists are invited and offered tea and breads. That portion of the country occupied by Chinese Moslems and some other, smaller, racial units was under traditional Chinese law. 8.5%) of the total population there and so the region did not attain TAP status. Their beautiful dress, hairstyles, worm smiles are something that you would inevitably look at. The grass men were famous for their horses. Tibetan guerilla forces in Amdo emerged in 1956 and continued operating through the 1959 Tibetan uprising until 1962, fighting the People's Liberation Army and harsh Chinese land reform policies. Rebellion also stirred the region at the beginning of the 1950s as “Liberation” first settled on the northeastern Tibetan plateau. Additionally, a great many Amdo Tibetans live within the Haidong (མཚོ་ཤར།; Wylie: mtsho shar) Prefecture of Qinghai which is located to the east of the Qinghai Lake (མཚོ་སྔོན།, Wylie: mtsho sngon) and around Xining (ཟི་ལིང།; zi ling) city, but they constitute only a minority (ca. The monasteries, such as Labrang, Rebkong, and Taktsang Lhamo supervised the choosing of the local leaders or headmen in the areas under their control. 41-2 quoted by Goldstein, an expedition of the Qing imperial army in 1720, Ngawa Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture,, "Change, Conflict and Continuity among a community of nomadic pastoralists—A Case Study from western Tibet, 1950-1990", "青海解放:1950年1月1日青海省人民政府正式成立中央任命赵寿山为主席] (Liberation of Qinghai: January 1, 1950: Qinghai Provincial People's Government established. Central government appoints Zhao Shoushan as Governor)", "Historical Map of Tibet IV: The End of Isolation, [1940-49]", Qing Colonial Legal Culture in Amdo Tibet, Learn how and when to remove this template message, The Tibetan Phrasebook - A Phrasebook of Modern Amdo Tibetan, Amdo - delineation and history in brief (PDF file; 216 kb), The Skor lam and the Long March: Notes on the Transformation of Tibetan Ritual Territory in Southern A mdo in the Context of Chinese Developments, Photographs of animist Shaman Festival in Repkong/Tongren in Amdo, Self-immolation protests by Tibetans in China, Convention Between Great Britain and China Respecting Tibet (1906), Treaty of friendship and alliance with Mongolia (1913), Sino-Indian Trade Agreement over Tibetan Border (1954),, Articles containing Standard Tibetan-language text, Articles containing Chinese-language text, Wikipedia external links cleanup from March 2015, Tibet articles missing geocoordinate data, Wikipedia articles with WorldCat-VIAF identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 13 January 2021, at 01:59. Feb 6th Day 8: Taktsang Lhamo – Dzoge grasslands – Ngawa Monlam (CH Aba) 330kms / 6hrs. 11/22/2020 - The Winter 2020-2021 edition of the AMDO Association Newsletter will go to the printers mid-December. [33] The Hui Muslims administered the agricultural areas in the north and east of the region. Here is 3 days Tibet homestay in Qinghai province, Day 1: Xining – Guide -Kanbula Nation Park. He was sentenced to five years in prison in Amdo Tsongon (Qinghai province) for campaigning to preserve the Tibetan language from the increasing dominance of Chinese. [35][36] Ma Qi besieged Labrang numerous times, the Tibetans and Mongols fought against his Muslim forces for control of Labrang, until Ma Qi gave it up in 1927. His entry song ‘Aku Pema’ is considered a praise to the Tibetan leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama. East of these mountains, local chieftains ruled under the nominal authority of the Sichuan provincial government; Lhasa administered the area to the west. [9] During this period, control of Amdo moved from Songtsen Gampo and his successors to the royal family's ministers, the Gar (Wylie: 'gar). [28] Amdo saw numerous powerful leaders including both secular and non. Monlam Chenmo was established in 1409 by lama Tsongkhapa, the great philosopher and founder of Gelug tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. The use of historical money in Tibet started in ancient times, when Tibet had no coined currency of its own. [2] The area is wind-swept and tree-less, with much grass. These small polities were small kingdoms or even governed as tribes and were officially under Chinese and Tibetan rule; however they held no allegiance to either. There is a very special offering from the monastery and a good chance to witness the Bon religion Monlam Festival. While Xining city and Haidong city are geographically small compared to the rest of Qinghai, this area has the largest population density in Qinghai, with the result that the Han Chinese outnumber other ethnicities in Qinghai generally. Tibetan 1 srang silver coin, dated 15–43 (AD 1909) reverse. This development was in line with the policy towards minority nationalities set down in the new constitution of the PRC. Amdo was traditionally a place of great learning and scholarship and contains many great monasteries including Kumbum Monastery near Xining, Rongwo Monastery in Rebgong, Labrang Monastery south of Lanzhou, and the Kirti Gompas of Ngawa Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture and Taktsang Lhamo in Dzoge County. The Han Chinese are majority in the northern part (Haixi Mongol and Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture) and eastern part (Xining city and Haidong city) of Qinghai province. [12], There is a historical account of an official from the 9th century sent to collect taxes to Amdo. January 22, 2021 TOKYO: The representative of His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Japan, Dr. Arya Tsewang Gyalpo, today met with Mr. Nagao Takashi, member of the House of Representatives and General Secretary of the All Party Japanese Parliamentary Support Group for Tibet at the Parliament building and briefed him in detail on the recent Tibet Policy and Support Act 2020 passed by the US … Today, ethnic Tibetans predominate in the western and southern parts of Amdo, which are now administered as various Tibetan, Tibetan-Qiang, or Mongol-Tibetan autonomous prefectures. By 1952, Communist Party of China forces had defeated both the Kuomintang and the Tibetan forces and had assumed control of the region, solidifying their hold on the area roughly by 1958. The families of some villages may make a shorter seasonal trek as their pasture may be nearby, and they may even migrant between homes each day. Once arrive in the Chengdu hotel, your Monlam Chenmo Trip is finished in Tibet Plateau and says goodbye to our Tibetan guide and driver. See also preparation of the festivities that will take place in Labrang the next days. Institutional Hybridity in Pastoral Land Governance in Amdo Tibet . Two virtues in soil, one to build houses and one for good fields. [46], As a prelude to the Beijing Olympics, protests broke out in 2008 in Amdo, among other places. [23] Power struggles among various Mongol factions in Tibet and Amdo led to a period alternating between the supremacy of the Dalai Lama (nominally) and Mongol overlords. The immediate ramifications of each disturbance both for the Amdo Tibetan elites and commoners, and for the Han cadres in their midst, elucidates early PRC nation-building and state-building struggles in minority nationality areas and the influence of this crucial transitional period on relations between Han and Tibetan in Amdo decades later. Visit the Buddha Thangka display at Sangeshong Monastery. Stay overnight at Baoma Hotel. The Dzungar Mongols invaded Tibet during the chaos, and held the entire region until their final defeat by an expedition of the Qing imperial army in 1720. [24] The Mongol king also gave portions of Eastern Tiber (Kham) back to the Tibetans; however Amdo remained under Mongol control. He spent a year resting and learning among other things Sanskrit and poetry. [43] By 1952, the major towns in the region were fully under the control of People's Republic of China, though many of the rural areas continued to enjoy de facto autonomy for several more years. Ngari (including former Guge kingdom) in the north-west was incorporated into Ü-Tsang. Domesticated animals of the region consist of the domestic yak and dzo, goats, sheep, and the Mongolian horse. People from the community, from children to old, all come to the monastery courtyard with baskets of bread and buckets of milk tea. If you're a member of the Association, and you've moved in the last six months or so, please send in your new address.To see the status of your membership, check the e-mail addresses page; if your name is bold, your membership is in good standing. As the ceremony begins In the morning there will be a large number of people gathering mostly local people in their best traditional dresses. Homestay. Instead he chose to travel in solitude to Amdo. Eastern Tibet, including Amdo and Kham, were ruled by local and regional warlords and chiefs. Minimum Group size: 8 People Dharamshala: US President Donald Trump has signed the Tibetan Policy and Support Act of 2020 into law, a move that dramatically strengthened US policy on Tibet and reaffirmed the US government’s steadfast support for His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the CTA. In all these predominantly culturally Tibetan areas, the Qing Empire used a system of administration relying on local, Tibetan, rulers. [41], The 14th Dalai Lama was born in the Amdo region, in 1935, and when he was announced as a possible candidate, Ma Bufang tried to prevent the boy from travelling to Tibet. Dharamshala: Speaker Pema Jungney on behalf of Tibetans in and outside Tibet and the 16th Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile, expressed his deepest gratitude to US President Donald J.Trump for signing the “Tibet Policy and Support Act 2020” (TPSA2020). It is mainly celebrated over a period of 3 days in late January or February. The second bill was on Tibet and titled as “Tibet Policy and Support Act-2020” (TPSA-2020) which was first passed by the House of Representatives on January 28, 2020 by 392-22 majority. [38] However, that was not the last Labrang saw of General Ma. However, from the middle of the Ming era, the Chinese government lost control in Amdo, and the Mongols again seized political control. In the afternoon, visit the Shampalinkor; the procession of Future Buddha in Sangeshong Magotsang. Labrang is a palace for all kinds of people, especially those Drokpas (nomads) have special characters. 10%), and only those Tibetans in the eastern parts of this Prefecture are Amdo inhabitants. Monlam Chenmo was established in 1409 by lama Tsongkhapa, the great philosopher and founder of Gelug tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. Continue the visits to the T. Lhamo area. It couldn't be better to tour Amdo County when travelling in Tibet. [3], In historical times, the people of the region were typically non-Tibetan, such as Mongols or Tibetan speakers of non-Tibetan origin such as the Hor people.[4]. It is a historic achievement for the Tibetan movement as the TPSA makes it official United States policy that decisions regarding the reincarnation of the Dalai Lama are exclusively within … These consist of the forest-dwellers (nags-pa), the mountain-dwellers (ri-pa), the plains-dwellers (thang-pa), the grass-men (rtsa-mi), and the woodsmen (shing-mi). [3] Other stories talk about the original inhabitants of the Amdo region. Stay overnight at Langmusi hotel or similar. We can help you to customize your tour and have an unique experience while traveling in Tibet. When he was ordained he went in search of teachings. This overland tour route starts from Xining of Qinghai province. Stay overnight at Norbang Hotel. Drive to Labrang Through Ganja grasslands, Labrang is one of the six greatest monasteries of Gelukpa school and home to over 1500 monks. With the advent of communist administrators in Amdo during the 1950s, a series of larger Tibetan autonomous prefectures were newly established on top of the existing county system in those places where Tibetans formed the majority of the population. Amdo Tour is one of the attractive tours in Tibet, which can provide tourists of stunning views in Tibet. This allowed the Gelugpa Buddhist sect and the Dalai Lama to gain enough power to last til the present day. Sangs rgyas bkra shis describes singing in a pastoral community in Mtsho sngon Province, China. Unfolding of big Buddha Thangka at Taktsang Lhamo Monastery and see the celebrations of Mönlam Chenmo. He demanded a ransom of 300,000 dollars, which was paid and then he escorted the young boy to Tibet. [nb 1] Amdo is mostly coterminous with China's present-day Qinghai province, but also includes small portions of Sichuan and Gansu provinces. Two of the virtues are in the grass, one for meadows near home, one for distant pastures. The signing came after days of delay — th Washington, DC: The Tibetan Policy and Support Act of 2020 (TPSA), which had been stuck at the United States Senate Foreign Relations Committee since May 2020, was unanimously passed earlier today.. [39] From that point until 1949, much of the rest of Amdo was gradually assimilated into the Kuomintang Chinese provincial system, with the major portion of it becoming nominally part of Qinghai province and a smaller portion becoming part of Gansu province. Under the Mongol Yuan dynasty of Kublai Khan, Amdo and Kham were split into two commandaries, which, along with Ü-Tsang, were collectively referred to as the three commandaries of Tibet. Tibet family homestay trip takes to visit authentic Tibetan villages and Tibet Buddhist monasteries. Some were violent; however the majority were peaceful.[47]. Stay overnight in Ngawa. Enjoy local Tibet families cuisine and try your hand at cooking with your local hosts. There are several reasons to believe, as to why Tibet is important for India. [10], In the 9th century, the central Tibetan kingdom broke into smaller polities; however Amdo and Kham maintained close culturally and religiously to the central Tibet. Today drive to Ngawa county via opened grasslands of Dzoge grasslands, on the way visit some local Tibetan nomadic families. After lunch in Labrang then we will drive to Taktsang Lhamo for the night. Today drive to Tibet Gyarong region. An A mdo Tibetan Auto-song-ography. He was taught as a child and showed amazing enthusiasm for the religion. [20] Tibet regained its independence from the Mongols before native Chinese overthrew the Yuan dynasty in 1368, although it avoided directly resisting the Yuan court until the latter's fall. [32], In 1912, Qing Dynasty collapsed and relative independence followed with the Dalai Lama ruling Central Tibet. The boundaries of Xining Prefecture, which contains most of Amdo, with Sichuan and Tibet-proper was established following this. [48], Amdo Tibetans' traditional lifestyle and economy are centered on agriculture. These tribes consisted of several thousand nomads. We stay overnight in Takstang Lhamo, Feb 5th Day 7: Taktsang Lhamo Monlam Chenmo. Travel Dates: 8th – 26th August (19 days) Locations: Xining, Rebgong, Sogzong, Ngawa. Feb 7th Day 9: Ngawa Kirti monastery Monlam Chenmo. Website:, Calendar of Major Tibetan Festivals and Holidays, Great Kalachakra Empowerment Hold at Machu Grassland 2016. Of its three thousand monks, two thousand were arrested. The Tibetan and Himalayan Library (THL) is a publisher of websites, information services, and networking facilities relating to the Tibetan plateau and southern Himalayan regions. The most significant reason is that Tibet is India’s … On December 27, they released their single, Joke / … The largest monastery in Amdo was forced to close. People rush towards the display area and waiting for Unfolding and displaying the huge Buddha Thanka from top to down. In time he established a line of refugee monks in Amdo and with the wealth that he acquired he built temples and stupas also. The Tibetans enjoyed almost complete independence and varying degrees of prestige. [37], In 1928, the Ma Clique formed an alliance with the Kuomintang. [31], In 1906, the 13th Dalai Lama while touring the country, was enticed by a procession of a thousand lamas, to stay at the temple at Kumbum. Tashi Wangchuck, a Tibetan businessman, is one of the language activists. Ngawa is one of the most important cultural and religious centers for Amdo Tibetans. [25][26], When the Manchu Qing dynasty rose to power in the early 18th century it established Xining, a town to the north of Amdo, as the administrative base for the area. They dress very colorful and decorate the horses’ colorful. Tibetan New Year, also known as Losar, is the most important festival in the Tibetan calendar. In Gomer Monastery things quite different from others. Amdo encompasses a large area from the Machu (Yellow River) to the Drichu (Yangtze). The Muslim forces looted and ravaged the monastery again. The monks have their assembling early in the morning and local people gather around 9 o’clock. From 1917 to 1928, much of Amdo was occupied intermittently by the Hui Muslim warlords of the Ma clique. By Prof. Ramu Manivannan, Issue Courtesy: South Asia Analysis Group| Date : 18 Dec , 2020. [42], In May 1949, Ma Bufang was appointed Military Governor of Northwest China, making him the highest-ranked administrator of the Amdo region. Sangs rgyas bkra shis, Qi Huimin, and CK Stuart. Jan 30 Day 2: Xining—Rebkong (CH Tongren) 200km 3-4 hrs. The timber has two virtues, one for building and one for firewood. Amdo (Tibetan: ཨ༌མདོ [ʔam˥˥.to˥˥]; Chinese: 安多; pinyin: Ānduō) is one of the three traditional regions of Tibet, the others being U-Tsang in the west, Kham in the east. [11] During this same time period the Buddhist monks were forced out of their temples by rampaging Chinese. Depending on the region and environment Amdo Tibetans live in, they are either nomads (Drog pa) or farmers (Sheng pa). [44], In 1958, Chinese communists assumed official control of Tibetan regions in Kham and Amdo. Stay overnight in Ngawa. [8], From the seventh through the ninth century, the Tibetan Empire extended as far north as the Tarim Basin, south until India and Nepal, east to Tang China, and west to Kashmir. [50], Note: The identically-named, sparsely-populated, Kolmas 1967, pp. Amdo County is dominated by mainly Tibetan grassland, which is a county within Nagqu Prefecture of the Tibet … At that time the ethnic frontier corresponded almost exactly with the administrative frontier. [19] He spent his later years at Sakya Monastery in Central Tibet, which required that he travel through Amdo regularly. In 1958, the arrest and murder of the Tseten Monastery's Khenpo Jigme Rigpai Nyingpo while incarcerated in Xining's Nantan prison marked the beginning of the period. Due to all these rituals have been preserved, they are being performed every first lunar month nowadays in Amdo. These monks wandered for a period to settle in the Amdo region. He wore a traditional Tibetan Khatak (white scarf) in his run-up to the octagon. [6] Amdo has been famous in epic story and in history as a land where splendid horses are raised and run wild.[7]. [nb 2] Other parts of old Amdo was administered by the Administrator of Qinghai. Nangshuk monastery is the largest monastery of the Bon religion. Highlight: Rebkong Monlam Chenmo, Labrang, Dzogey grasslands, Ngawa Monlam Chenmo, visit local nomadic families and local Tibetan families during the Festival. In 1928, the Ma Clique joined the Kuomintang (Chinese Nationalist Party), and during the period from 1928 to 1949, much of Amdo was gradually assimilated into the Qinghai province (and part of Gansu province) of the Kuomintang Republic of China. There is a very good chance to join the Ngawa Nashuk monastery mask dance. Then around 1032, they formed the Western Xia, which lasted into the 13th century.[15]. Monlam Chenmo Festival Tour in Amdo 2020. Sanwant Hotel or similar. Sorigtour in Amdo Tibet with Dr.Machik – 2020. The vast Haixi (མཚོ་ནུབ།; mtsho nub) Mongolian and Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, to the west of the Qinghai Lake, also has a minority Tibetan population (ca.