Slip into range on a drift or use the trolling motor, then cast on the edges of the pods and retrieve with an erratic, darting cadence. Salt and pepper works fine as does just about any other seasoning mix, either custom or commercially prepared. Anglers fishing in boats have the advantage of being able to chase down schools of feeding mackerel. Anglers can shop Amazon for Gotcha fishing lures in this link. Mackerel are a perfect fish for the grill as a are naturally oily and will not dry out like other species. Today we had mostly sunny skies The winds were from the south-west at 5-15 mph and the temperature were in the upper 80’s. The good news is that most anglers who fish inshore salt waters throughout the country already own suitable equipment. His favourite is the FCL Labo Popper in black and white, which has an amazing action that calls mackerel from all directions. The easiest way to bring Spanish mackerel right to the boat is to chum. This is great sport! As with trolling sinkers, long leaders are required between the planer and the spoon. Westin Swim 150mm sinking sinking stickbait. Some type of leader is definitely required when fishing for Spanish mackerel. Also as with trolling sinkers, once the plane reaches the rod tip, the fish will have to be hand lined in the rest of the way. You could cast out your feathers, but please know that it’s dangerous on a charter boat full of anger. Planers are clever devices that take a lure down, then “trip” when a fish is hooked. FREE Delivery on your first order shipped by Amazon. This is an excellent game fish that can be taken on a wide variety of lures and baits. In fact, many anglers consider them one of the best eating fish and saltwater. In this video, we weren’t in any special spot, there wasn’t really any structure, and we weren’t using any expensive lures. Amazon's Choice for spanish mackerel lures. Deploying the planer takes a bit of practice it first. Structure can take the form of artificial reefs, wrecks, hard bottom ledges, piers, bridges, and even channel markers. A long shank hook will help reduce cutoffs. It is his “go to” bait! White is the top color, with olive being second. The ability for these lures to be cast a reasonable distance is one more advantage. Diamond jigs are a bit of a ‘secret weapon” among charter boat captains in my part of the world. Most Spanish mackerel caught by local anglers and up on the grill. They are also effective for blind casting. Nylon jigs are considered on of the best lures, especially when retrieved rapidly with an occasional jerk of the rod tip to impact a darting motion to the jig. Each year we look forward to the autumn migration of these speedsters throughout the Carolinas, Georgia and Gulf states as schools make their way south before setting up winter residence in South Florida. Spanish mackerel are fast growing and may attain a length of 12 to 15 inches the first year. Kyle loves the surface action and will use a popper for Spanish mackerel whenever he can. When the water is calm, the churned up surface can be seen from quite a distance away. Also, Hatley summer clothing is 30% off. The line is wrapped around a leader spool then attached to a ball bearing snap swivel. The best Gotcha lures for mackerel have the chrome finish. The best lures for Spanish mackerel are: Silver Spoons; Minnow Feather Jigs; Gotcha lures; DOA CAL or any 3 inch shad with a paddle tail; Silver Spoons--Silver spoons are one of the best lures to catch just about any fish in the sea and Spanish mackerel love them too. The Crocodile casting spoon is a terrific lure! Mackerel Lures Australia. Yes, you can catch a Spanish by casting, but for every one you catch casting lures another angler will catch ten on the troll. All rights reserved. When fish are feeding on the surface, a floating line is the best choice. Anglers can click on this link and shop Amazon for a Penn Conflict combo. how to catch Spanish Mackerel. The snap swivel can be attached to either a trolling sinker or a a #1 Huntington planer. There will be a noticeable bend in the rod due to the drag of the planer. Subscribe to continue reading. Smaller Spanish mackerel may also be confused for other mackerel species … Interested in techniques for when you're flyfishing or trolling for Spanish mackerel? These lures are extremely effective when both cast and trolled. Because Spanish mackerel like a fast-moving bait, trolling is the best way to catch them. The rapala X-Rap mackerel bait. It is number two on Capt Jim’s list of top Spanish mackerel fishing lures. A trace of light wire leader minimizes cut-offs. TOPFORT Fishing Lures, Fishing Spoon,Trout Lures, Bass Lures, Spinning Lures,Hard Metal Sp… Actively diving and feeding birds are another sign that Spanish mackerel may be in the vicinity.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'fishinglidokey_com-mobile-leaderboard-1','ezslot_11',112,'0','0'])); When mackerel are feeding on the surface in this situation, there usually very easy to catch. how to catch Spanish Mackerel. Anglers can opt for 10 pound monofilament or braided line, depending on preference. Trolling lures at about 6 knots but you should slow down to about 4 knots when trolling wolf herring or rigged gars. Also, Spanish mackerel are most often encountered in open water where obstructions and structure are not an issue. It is 23,000 words long and covers tackle, tactics, and species. Scomberomorini is a tribe of ray-finned saltwater bony fishes that is commonly known as the Spanish mackerels, seerfishes or seer fish.This fish closely resembles the King Mackerel.This tribe is a subset of the mackerel family (Scombridae) – a family that it shares with three sister tribes, the tunas, mackerels, and bonitos, and the butterfly kingfish. It is an excellent tactic when Spanish mackerel are not seen working on the surface or when that action is sporadic.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'fishinglidokey_com-leader-3','ezslot_7',114,'0','0'])); Trolling requires at the lures get down in the water column. Unless you’re by yourself, I wouldn’t recommend it. Spanish mackerel hit so hard that often times the stretch and the line helps prevent the hook from pulling. Trolling sinkers are fairly easy to use, they come in several different designs with the torpedo shaped being the most common. They are great fish for novice fly anglers looking to learn the sport. It is also productive when mackerel are not working on the surface but are known to be in a certain area. Spoons do require some type of device to get them down in the water column. Trolling Lures And Swimming Baits For Spanish Mackerel. 06 $15.96 $15.96. FREE Shipping. Davids Spanish Mackerel Fishing Lures. This is one of the elements that attracts anglers to pursuing these fast and feisty game fish. These lures can be cast or vertically jigged for numerous species. 1/4 ounce to 1/2 ounce jig heads are most often used, though anglers can go larger if depth or current dictates it. Mackerel Lures For Sale – Choosing the best lures for mackerel can be challenging so we have created a category to take this challenge away and have put together a range below for you to browse. The bait will flash and roll and attract Spanish mackerel to it. With rising water temperatures, the Atlantic group migrates along the Atlantic coast of the United States … Spanish mackerel are plentiful in omega three oils, which makes them a good fish to eat. Bass Assassin Sea Shad baits are number 4 on the list of top Spanish mackerel fishing lures. REPRAPGURU 5 x Sneeky Hookerz Tackle King Mackerel Trolling Live Bait 7 Strand Wire Fishing Lure Rig. This is particularly true for anglers fishing without a boat. It is hard to beat that these days! The best approach is to intercept the school of feeding fish, positioning the boat ahead of and upwind of the school. Anglers should use a swivel to prevent line twist when using spoons. Another special consideration for Spanish mackerel anglers is that when Spanish are brought in, they have a particular way of shaking their heads and bodies, which often throws a lure or snags an unsuspecting angler’s hand with the lure’s hooks. Partially filling the float with water increases casting distance and the bubble trail it creates on the retrieve helps draw the fish. Finally, chumming, whether with live or frozen bait, is an incredibly effective technique in both inshore and offshore waters. Here are some surefire picks when hunting this species. The block of chum is then placed in a mesh bag and tied to the start of the boat. Weight- 1 1/2 ounces. Mackerel can be caught in these waters sight fishing, drifting, structure fishing, and trolling. Make sure you keep everything nice and tight. They are far better compared to soft plastics. With trolling lures costing upward of $30, you certainly don’t want to lose them getting bitten off through your mono! £7.99 £ 7. Spanish mackerel are attracted to fast-moving flashy lures. On days when the surf is rough, heavy lures are a must. Many anglers Spanish mackerel fishing in Florida do so in the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. The visual nature of their feeding along with their aggressive manner make them a prime target for anglers using the long rod. Spanish mackerel will tear up the grub. This post will list Capt Jim’s Top 6 Spanish mackerel fishing lures. Sarasota Fishing Charters | 941-371-1390. Trolling is an excellent technique used to catch Spanish mackerel. Spanish mackerel often get a bad rap when it comes to table fare. 1/0 is a good all-around size.eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'fishinglidokey_com-leader-2','ezslot_6',113,'0','0'])); Artificial lures can certainly be used when drifting the grass flats as well. 5 out of 5 stars (1) Total ratings 1, AU $9.95 New . Tag Archives: spanish mackerel lures Post navigation ← Older posts. @chrisinbama: Trolling is the best way to catch Spanish mackerel. Anglers can shop Amazon for Bass Assassin fishing lures in this link. A live bait fish hooked on a #1/0 long shank hook should instantly draw a strike. Rigging option: Double hook combo rig 11/0 stainless steel big game hooks and 2m of premium 300lb mono leader And if you didn’t catch how he rigged the haywire twist or the albright special, or how he rigged the live shrimp on the jighead, check out the videos below: The use of wire leaders in clear water will often result in fewer strikes. They do not keep or freeze well. You could cast out your feathers, but please know that it’s dangerous on a charter boat full of anger. It is cast out, allowed to sink, then brought back in as fast as possible with hard, aggressive jerks. Trolling speeds should be adjusted to sea conditions but 1,000 to 1,500 rpm or between 2 and 4 knots is a good range. Kyle loves the surface action and will use a popper for Spanish mackerel whenever he can. Subscribe to continue reading. It is a perfect lure to target or capture Spanish mackerel type of fish. Feather lures and spoons are also successful, while minnows and live shrimp are the best natural baits. He loves chasing Spanish mackerel and considers them an underrated game fish. Counting out 10 or 15 seconds is a good place to start. One ounce is a great all-round size, though anglers can go up in weight if needed. 59. the top 6 Spanish mackerel fishing lures are the #8 Rapala, casting spoon, Clark trolling spoon, Bass Assassin baits, Gotcha lures, and Diamond jigs. However, the effort is worth it and will result in a lot a fish being caught. Fast, sleek and scrappy, Spanish mackerel provide countless hours of light-tackle fun. A number one planer will dive down 5 to 7 feet and a number two planer will dive down 12 to 15 feet. Lemon slices can be added if desired. Smaller profile plastic jerk baits like CALs, Gulp! The most effective live bait fish are the families of small silvery fish such as scaled sardines, Spanish sardines, and threadfin herring. The Mackerel Family meets the Halco Family. Via Anglers can learn more about light tackle trolling in the linked article. These are the two most commonly used planers by anglers fishing the inshore waters. Simple yet effective, the pulse and profile of bucktail jigs attract a mackerel’s attention. They cast a mile, have a lot of flash, and the hook-up rate is excellent with the treble hooks. All of them can be productive, with glow/chartreuse being Capt Jim’s favorite, followed by red/gold shiner. Mackerel travel in packs and the competitive nature between fish often results in follow-up hits. Learn how to catch mackerel with this selection of proven Spanish killers: Many products featured on this site were editorially chosen. All of these baits imitate wounded bait fish, which is the primary forage of Spanish mackerel. Drifting works best when done over areas of hard bottom as well as wrecks and artificial reefs. . Make sure you keep everything nice and tight. The most popular method of catching King Makeral is by trolling lures and dead bait. Get it as soon as Thu, Jan 7. Aerodynamic and shiny, casting spoons like those made by Kastmaster, Krocodile and Hopkins make a perfect match for glass minnows, a favorite mackerel snack. Chumming with live bait is a bit more complicated but can be extremely effective. Kyle’s Top Spanish Mackerel Lures. With a weight forward or intermediate sink tip on a fast-action rod, work the bait pods in the same manner as the jerk baits. We've got tips on that too. Here are some Images of these jigs in action! Individuals grow as old as 8 years, though fish older than age 5 are rare. A small egg sinker on the running line held in position by a swivel completes the set-up. Long a Cracker favorite and easy on the wallet, this set-up starts with a 3- to 4-inch plastic soda straw with an angled cut on one end. Try one month for $1. 4.3 out of 5 stars 73. Trolling weights and planers are most often used. Interested in techniques for when you're flyfishing or trolling for Spanish mackerel? They work on all pelagic species… bonito, tuna, spanish mackerel, false albacore, etc. Wanted to start a thread on Spanish mackerel report that we can update throughout the winter/spring run. Anglers can choose to drift live baits over the inshore flats as well is in the open waters of the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean. There a number of Mackerel within the family – Blue, Grey, Spanish, School, Spanish and Spotted. In most instances, anglers choosing to fish with live bait fish bus catch their own. The same inshore tackle used for speckled trout, snook, redfish, and other species will do fine when chasing mackerel. The other best attribute of metal lures is the fact that they are able to stand up effectively to the Spanish mackerel teeth over time. Conventional tackle handles the strain of planers and larger plugs. Sign in. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”. Spanish mackerel fishing can be very visual. Because of this, they often fall for the simplest of lures – sometimes even just a piece of drinking straw on a hook. However, they have a sliding ring which allows the planer to “trip” when a fish strikes. This is particularly true on the east coast. Both light conventional tackle and spinning outfits are fine when using trolling sinkers. Anglers can read more about Spanish mackerel fishing in this link. Live bait is most certainly very effective when Spanish mackerel fishing. Spanish Mackerel will average 14 inches long and 2-3 pounds, with the world record of a 13-pounder caught in Ocracoke Inlet, North Carolina. They can be extremely fussy then and can be difficult to fool. Almost Alive Lures : Mackerel - All Tackle Almost Alive Soft Plastics Pillows Stickers Decals lures, offshore lures, jigs, vertical jigs, shrimp, mullet, dolphin, trolling lure, crab, sticker, decal This results in the wounded bait swimming in an erratic manner. That is when Spanish mackerel are feeding on glass minnows in clear water. Spanish mackerel are most often found in clear water. The Bluewater Classic F160 is the shallow lure of choice, running at 3-5m and easily handling boat speeds of 6 knots. Diving birds will also give away the location of foraging schools of Spanish mackerel. The Rapala X-Rap Spanish Mackerel Lure takes pride in having a big impact on how anglers hunt and/or target most saltwater species including the Spanish mackerel. However, they do need to be handled carefully. The Yo-Zuri Pins Minnow has been a favorite choice for freshwater anglers all over the United States, as well as Canada. Inlets, passes, and flats produce a lot a fish. Robbie and Sue Wells take us adventuring in the NT and put a bend in the Okuma combos in the process. A 7 foot medium light rod with a fast action paired with a 3000 series spinning reel is an excellent combination. Cast and retrieve with short twitches of the rod tip to make the jig swim and dart. Mackerel are very often seen foraging violently on the surface. Pin tail is tuned to specialize Spanish mackerel After deep survey of custom and way Spanish mackerel eat baits, We have tested thousand times, and develop this lure. Spanish mackerel can be baked, broiled, grilled, poached, or even boiled. But what are the best Spanish mackerel lures and baits, and what rigs work best? Just about any shiny lure that is cast into the fray will draw a strike. In Kerala, it is called "Neymeen". This in turn attracts game fish species such as Spanish mackerel along with king mackerel, false albacore, and other inshore species. Fish that are to be For dinner should be iced down immediately and eaten that they were the next. This will result in the planer digging down into the water. A #1 planer with a 20 foot long 40 pound test flourocarbon leader works great with a Clark spoon. For anglers blind casting the deeper flats or when fish are feeding below the surface, an intermediate sinking line is a better choice. Commercial methods are primarily run-around gill netting, and rarely, by trolling lures similar to those used by recreational anglers. Not to mention it also bring electro-plated metallic design with one-knock sound. A quality real with a good drag system will be required when larger mackerel are hooked. Nylon jigs are considered on of the best lures, especially when retrieved rapidly with an occasional jerk of the rod tip to impact a darting motion to the jig. David’s trolling strategy when searching for Spanish Mackerel involves a two-lure spread, with one being a shallower running hardbody minnow and the other being a deeper diving minnow. You can catch these fish all year round within the sub-tropical and tropical waters. They are very effective on Spanish mackerel, Bluefish, Trout and most species that feed on minnows or small baitfish. or Bass Assassin rigged with light jig head, weedless with a worm hook or even nose-hooked with a light-wire circle hook are effective lures when the mackerel are harassing bait pods on the surface. It appears that one Atlantic and one or more Gulf groups of Spanish mackerel occur in Florida waters. Clark trolling spoons are extremely effective when fishing for Spanish mackerel. Spanish mackerel love a variety of small prey and lures that mimic glass minnows, sardines, plichards and other bait easily fools them with a fast retrieve. All you get back is a mullet head with no body and no mackerel on your hook. 10/20 Packs 3 Feather & Fish Skin 6 Hooks Saltwater Fishing Rigs with String Hook Lure Bait Tackle Jig. It is a compromise a decision that anglers will have to make. A split shot or two can be added to get the bait down in the water column if required. Spanish Mackerel are found in the western Atlantic north to the Chesapeake Bay and occasionally to Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and south to Yucatan, Mexico. 4.6 out of 5 stars 55. Larger versions are often used by anglers vertically jigging over structure. Another prime advantage of fishing for Spanish mackerel is that they are schooling fish. Live bait can be cast into schools of breaking fish as well. It is called "Aiykoora" in northern Kerala and south coastal Karnataka. In this application, monofilament line is often preferred due to its stretch. They work similar to diving plugs in that they have a flat surface that digs down into the water when pulled behind the boat. Course Overview. Anglers who prefer to use live bait can certainly cast a hook baited with a shrimp or bait fish into the mix. Copyright © 2021 Salt Water Sportsman. They also work well when casting into schools of bait as well as breaking fish. Wrecks, artificial reefs, and ledges work well for anglers fishing offshore while deeper grass flats are prime spots in the inshore bays.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'fishinglidokey_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_5',116,'0','0'])); Once the boat is anchored, several handfuls of live bait are tossed out behind the boat. This usually includes being shiny, such as a silver spoon, but can also include bright colors such as blues, pinks and yellows. For comprehensive training on all manner of sports fish from northern Australia, check out our Fish Smarter online fishing courses or our free related posts below. This lure is primarily designed to catch Spanish mackerel, and it does the job well! Chumming is a very common practice throughout the state of Florida for a wide variety of species. Silver spoons, Gotcha lures, diamond jigs, plugs, and jigs are all top artificial lures. Florida anglers, in particular, are familiar with each species and learning to tell them … Here is the Frisco Rod and Gun Outer Banks Fishing Report for Hatteras Island. Spanish mackerel are a hard fighting a great tasting species that put up a terrific fight on light tackle. Within the Australian geographical location, Spanish mackerel remain to have a high concentration in numbers along the areas of the continental shelf boundaries, equal to shallow coastal waters. Line is then let out behind the boat. with fast Spanish Mackerel. They tend to like warmer waters, so they are commonly found in northern New South Wales, Queensland, the Northern Territory and mid to Northern Western Australia. The straw segment slides over a long-shank J-hook crimped or tied to the leader. Anglers can shake the bag to increase the flow of chum. Anglers need only let out the plug, count to ten, and drive around. Already a subscriber? However, Capt Jim would rather get more bites and lose a few baits. 4.6 out of 5 stars 624. Anglers can shop Amazon for Crocodile spoon fishing lures in this link. .. # fishing # spanishmackerel # mackerel # gt # gianttrevally # trevally # okuma # okumaaustralia # azores # okumaazores # pressurepoint # okumapressurepoint # tackletactics # letsgofishing. There are a few things that make a lure effective for Spanish mackerel. Use a fast strip to keep their attention. In clear water, steel leaders will usually result in fewer strikes. Spanish mackerel will also invade the inshore waters of Florida as well. A live bait or chunk of cut bait drifted back into the chum will usually draw a strike. Related Videos. Once the planer hits the rod tip, the fish will need to be hand lined in the rest of the way. Mackerel are toothy critters so it’s wise to make and use a wire trace, especially when fishing for mackerel with trolled lures. Kyle’s Top Spanish Mackerel Lures. In most cases, the skin can be left on when preparing them. Spanish mackerel are a perfect fish for fly anglers as well. 99. 6 to 8 minutes and a hot grill will usually get it done. Plugs and other Lurs can also be used behind trolling sinkers. The fillets are laid skin side down on a baking sheet and then covered with a tire breadcrumbs. Your Instructor. Often times fairly long casts are required. Posted on August 12, 2013 by frgstaff. Trolling spoons are specifically designed to be trolled at fast speeds, between 5 kn and 7 kn. Often times, Spanish mackerel are feeding on smaller sardines, herring, and glass minnows. They are long and slender and have a tight wiggle. In Sri Lanka, it is known as "thora". I’ve been hooked by lures in the mouths of Spanish more than any other fish. Borrowing a trick from freshwater anglers, attach a clear bubble float to the running line above the leader swivel, and add a soft-plastic shad tail, minnow or shrim. A heavier mono leader imparts the most action. This allows anglers to cover a lot of water in search of fish. This can be done simply on spinning tackle. The Spanish mackerel is probably the most popular of the mackerel species in Western Australia and a very popular sport fish. Rapala X-Raps are also very productive when trolled. Spanish mackerel are often found in the upper part of the water column, so lures that work a few feet below the surface are often the most productive. Mackerel are almost perfect predators- fast, sleek and equipped with razor sharp teeth capable of effortlessly slicing through prey…in short, a baitfish’s worst nightmare. Spanish Mackeral Scomberomorus commerson Other Names:King Mackerel, Tanguique, Spanish or Spaniard. Light conventional tackle is a better choice when using heavier weights for larger Spanish mackerel or when king mackerel are around. Shrimp are available at local bait shops. Spanish mackerel are classified as a pelagic (surface-dwelling) fish, where their natural environment is known to be among offshore and coastal reefs. Fast lure retrieves are key to catching these quick fish. The fish are already located in actively feeding. Reply. The Spanish Mackerel, ... best because the faster retrieve of a spinning reel is sometimes needed to move a lure at a pace that will interest the Mackerel. These baits are very economical to use. Poaching is another easy and simple method to prepare Spanish mackerel. Swivels allow for quicker connections, but use black or bronze finishes to avoid fish hitting them and clipping the line. Anglers can choose to drift in the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. David’s trolling strategy when searching for Spanish Mackerel involves a two-lure spread, with one being a shallower running hardbody minnow and the other being a deeper diving minnow. Course Overview. These teeth result in anglers making a choice when it comes to rigging; monofilament or wire leader. Want to learn how to catch Spanish mackerel without spending a ton of money on gas trolling or searching for them?In this video, Capt. On our way back in from bottom fishing we decided to stop at the mouth of the inlet and troll for Spanish Mackerel. Here’s how we were able to catch a ton of Spanish Mackerel: Chum Up Spanish Mackerel The planer is then lowered into the water with the split ring at the top. The fish absorbs some of the tomato flavor and the tomato sauce absorbs some of the fish flavor. Trolling is also extremely effective. The Spanish Mackerel, ... best because the faster retrieve of a spinning reel is sometimes needed to move a lure at a pace that will interest the Mackerel. Over the years we've pretty much figured out what works and what doesn't, and we're sharing these tips with you. I usually use a mixture of swimming baits and lures when fishing for Spanish mackerel. Chumming is a very effective technique for anglers Spanish mackerel fishing. They consist of blocks of ground up oily bait fish such as menhaden or sardines. Anglers can spool these outfits up with 30 lb monofilament or braided line. $12.59 $ 12. Spanish mackerel are aggressive feeders. We've got tips on that too. As mentioned several times, Spanish mackerel prefer a fast-moving and flashy baits. Your email address will not be published. However, it is often times less effective than it is in the inshore waters due to the area that needs to be covered. The trolling sinker is simply tied onto the end of the running line. This method works well when anchored over structure or hard bottom as well is drifting in the open waters. This makes them excellent opportunities for shore bound anglers as well as those fishing and smaller boats. 3: Rapala X-Rap Spanish Mackerel Lure. Mackerel can be pretty technical and a hard fish to capture, particularly the Spanish mackerel and one of the main reasons why is they are super toothy and have been known to cut through trace as thick as 600lb, sometimes wire and anglers fingers that get in the way. There is no doubt when a strike occurs! Mackerel are less often seen feeding on the surface in these inshore waters than they are in the open waters of the Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. Perfect for kids, mackerel can be easily caught by trolling. Depending on the thickness of the fillets, it will take 6 to 10 minutes for them to be done. Step 5: For fast trolling or retrievals, try natural bait strips 4 out of 5 stars (1) Total ratings 1, AU $18.95 New. $15.06 $ 15. Clouser Minnow, D.T Special, and Crystal Minnow patterns are all proven effective flies. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. One method that works very well is to heat up spaghetti sauce in a skillet and then poach Spanish mackerel fillets in the sauce. Clark spoons come in many different sizes to match the local forage. A planer is a clever, though slightly complicated, device that allows anglers to get lures down in the water column. For casting to Spanish mackerel from beaches and jetties, my favorite setups were medium to medium-light rods from 7’ to 8’6” paired with matching spinning reels spooled with 10- to 15-pound-test braided line. In Tamil Nadu, this fish is called "Vanjaram" and is usually the costliest variety available. 3x Metal Jigs Fishing Lure 80g Jig Lures Inchiku Snapper Jigging Micro Tuna Jew. Davids Spanish Mackerel Fishing Lures. Plugs have lips on them which will determine the depth that which the plug will dive when being pulled behind the boat. Spanish Mackerel Lures and Bait. Spoons, plugs, and jigs all work well when fan cast out in front of a drifting boat. There are several different methods that can be used to accomplish this.