Jaguar cichlids, or parachromis managuensis, are one of the most interesting cichlid species. Step 3. Juvenile male and female jaguar cichlids look very similar to one another, and they both display the dark stripes that typify the species. She studied computer technology and business administration at Harrisburg Area Community College. Jaguar cichlids are different from the rest of the cichlid fish species in th… This caused damage to local flora and fauna due to relatively unsociable temper and unrestrained gluttony of the fish. Considering the length these cichlids are capable of growing to it can be said that this species is one of the biggest cichlid fish that you can keep in an amateurs’ tank. The male cichlids will develop a golden body with dark speckles and spots, while the … Therefore to prevent cannibalism among the juveniles they should be sorted by size from time to time and put into different tanks according to their size. Jaguar cichlid isn’t an exception, since it also likes to move the rocks around the tank bottom. A female Jaguar cichlid can produce up to 500 eggs during each spawning. His favorite aquariums are biotopes (Amazon River),  with Echinodorus and Angelfish. It is a highly predatory species that will prey on smaller fish and inverts. Yet, all of the food is of high quality and it is the best one for this fish kind as well as it keeps the tank water clean. Average lifespan is 15 years, but provided with good care it can live longer. The mature male has a golden body with black dots while the female bears prominent red pigment in the gill plates. When the male gets older the spots disappear and the female sometimes has some spots left. 0 replies; 1,287 views; watrsedg; September 27, 2009; male or female jaguar cichlid? Their growth pattern is cyclic. Disease and Preventive Measures The Jaguar Cichlid is a hardy fish but sometimes it is susceptible to ich, skin flukes, parasitic infestations, bacterial infections and fungal infections due to lack of proper tank management. It’s very large, aggressive and it’s a raptorial feeder. However, through the years he’s had experience of keeping almost all types of freshwater fish and shrimps. The jaguar cichlid is a very attractive species, and an excellent choice for hobbyists who want the beauty and personality of cichlids in their tanks. The male will fertilize the eggs and stay around to protect them from predators. Free Shipping for many items! It is an easy way to differentiate between male and female jaguar cichlids. Lionhead cichlid (Steatocranius casuarius), Green terror cichlid (Aequidens rivulatus), Jaguar cichlid, jaguar fish, managuense cichlid, managua cichlid, guapote, aztec cichlid, spotted guapote, jaguar guapote, jag fish, leopard cichlid. There’s no need to put plants into a tank since these monsters will destroy them rather quickly and mercilessly. Nevertheless, we don’t advise you to test it. A male Jaguar Cichlid will grow out to be larger than a female and will develop longer, pointed dorsal and anal fins and will have a more intense coloration than a female. One of the most suitable male jaguar cichlid tank mates is a female jaguar cichlid. Please pm me if you have any female jaguar cichlids available around 8 -10cm in size. I myself give some of this food to my pets and as for the rest I’ve heard and read lots of good reviews. Their diet consists mainly of small fish and macroinvertebrates. Although it inhabits in different waters from lakes with light ground and thickly covered with plants to fast rivers and tributaries. Her work can be seen on Credit Factor, Constant Content and a number of other websites. Average Jaguar Cichlid size is approximately 14-16 inches in length when in captivity. Unlike most cichlids the Jaguar doesn't present a permenant patterning until it has fully matured, and its visuals will Jaguar cichlid male and female both eating well these have never been aggressive in my tank but will need to go with other big fish. Umbee Cichlids are monogamous breeders – they pair up in their early adulthood and mate for life. The female can put the eggs on large flat stone, flowerpot, large snag. Also male’s dorsal and proctal fins are more sharpened and bright colored. the medium reaction should be neutral. With their black and yellowish bodies, they have patterns on their bodies arranged just like a jaguar, leading them to be called jaguar cichlids. By watrsedg, September 27, 2009. Jaguar cichlids are aggressive even within their own species, but under the right conditions, a pair can often be kept together. If the fish didn’t start breeding when it was expected it can be stimulated by changing the 25% of tank water with fresh defecated water of the same temperature. The male is very aggressive and even a stable couple should be kept in a spacious tank so the female will have a place to hide. Based in Pennsylvania, Bonnie Conrad has been working as a professional freelance writer since 2003. In a tank size is a bit smaller – male size is about 40 cm and female – about 35 cm, however considering just these sizes allows to call this fish one of the largest cichlid that can be kept in amateurs’ tank. The natural range of this species extends southwards down the eastern side of Central America, from the River Ulua in Honduras through Nicaragua to the RiverMatina in Costa Rica. In the wild max size is about 60 cm and it weighs about several kilos. The fish should have one meal in a day and it’s possible to make one day in a week a hunger day. However, to create such a couple it’s required to raise together several juveniles to let them choose their match themselves. The average Jaguar Cichlid size is around 14-16 inches in length when in captivity. Jaguar Cichlid Tropical Fish Learn all about the Jaguar Cichlid's feeding habits and food types, its behaviour, its origins, its natural habitats, is it male or female, breeding advice and information, suitable tank mates, its sizing and growth range, minimum tank size, water PH and more. Don't wanna pay an arm/leg for it so let me know and I will get back to you if within range and price. Jaguar cichlid or managuense cichlid (lat. So, it’s better to keep water temperature on it’s lower limit 24C to decrease the fish aggressiveness. Copyright 2021 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. Male will them fertilize these eggs. Central America is cichlid habitat. They are rather aggressive to the fish of their kind unless fishes grew together. Both males and females have a fairly average growth rate. Managuense cichlids can breed in a community tank, but for the sake of everyone’s peace it’d be more desirable to provide them with separate territory (about 300 liters capacity tank) for their spawning period.