The series focuses on caring, sharing and learning. Barney Is a Dinosaur: 2. Barney and his dino-pals, Baby Bop, BJ and Riff are joined by a cast of children. It uses the same melody as "Peanut Butter". We say happy You say birthday Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Now clap your hands (hands are clapped) And stomp your feet (feet are stomped) For the birthday cake for Barney, For Barney! Happy Birthday, Barney! 7 (Demo Version) Part 1 to 17 from Barney's Birthday! Happy Birthday, Barney! Download Happy Birthday Barney song on and listen Happy Birthday Barney Happy Birthday Barney song offline. Happy Birthday to You Barney Buy This Song. 2 Audio from Happy Birthday, Barney! First you take the frosting And you spread it, you spread it. Click the picture/graphic/icon to hear a Personalized birthday song for Barney 1 Synopsis 2 Episodes 3 Content 4 Trivia 4.1 Goofs When Barney's birthday arrives, everyone throws him a special birthday party with an extra special surprise: all of the people he loves! The Rainbow Song: 11. is a Barney Home Video that was of the released in August 6, 1996 (the same day as Barney's 1-2-3-4 Seasons). Happy, Happy Birthday to You is a 12th episode Season 1 from Barney's Club Caboose. is the twelfth episode from Season 1 of Barney & Friends. Though there have been several versions of the same song, the lyrics remain close to the original in some way. FAVORITE (3 fans) Barney. Lyrics. 8 (1993 Version) Part 1 to 32 from Barney's Birthday! Old MacDonald Had a Farm: 9. 3 Seeing Those Paintings of the Birthdays Made By: The Children 4 From: 5 (Complete Episode) Part 1 to 16 6 (1992 Version) Part 1 to 35 from Barney's Birthday! Happy Birthday Barney MP3 Song by The Birthday Crew from the album Happy Birthday Barney. "Kids World's Adventures of Happy Birthday, Barney" is the twelfth episode from Season 1 of Kids World's Adventures of Barney& Friends. Tinkerputt's Song I Love You: 4. is a Barney & Friends Episode Video that was released on April 15, 2014. 1 Plot 2 Cast 3 Songs 4 Music and Soundtrack 5 Book 6 Trivia After singing "If You're Happy and You Know It", the kids find out that it's Barney's birthday, and he's turning two hundred million years old, or two dinosaur years. Barney, America's favorite purple dinosaur, and his young friends share adventures featuring songs, dances and games that make learning fun. 1 Clip from Happy Birthday, Barney! Listen to the Night Time: 7. The Baby Bop Hop: 10. 1 Plot 2 Song List 3 Cast 4 International Edits 5 Trivia 6 Slideshow After singing "There Are Seven Days in a Week", the kids find out that it's Barney's birthday, and he's turning two hundred million years old, or two dinosaur years. If You're Happy and You Know It: 6. Lyrics. "Frosting the Cake" (also known as the "Cake Frosting Song") is a Barney song that only appeared in "Happy Birthday, Barney!". Happy Birthday To You: 3. My Kite: 8. Happy Happy Birthday To Barney! If All the Raindrops: 5. First you take the frosting. In the Barney franchise, it only appeared in Barney's Birthday (soundtrack). And you spread it, you spread it. Barney - Barney's Big Surprise Album Lyrics; 1. "Happy Birthday, Barney!"